Top 7 Symptoms Of Aspergers

Asperger’s syndrome affects the development of a child leading to different behavioral issues. A person suffering from asperger’s syndrome may have issue in socializing and effectively communicating with other people of same or different age group.


They may experience a feeling awkwardness while interacting with other people. This behavioral disorder is often linked with autism, but there is a slight difference between the two disorders. Unlike autism, children suffering from asperger’s syndrome begin talking before they reach 2 years of age, which is the normal age for speech development in a normal child.

There are different symptoms of asperger’s syndrome such as repetitive behaviors, communication problems, hyperlexia, and problems in building close relationships with family members or friends and delayed development skills.

Most Common Symptoms of Aspergers

Difficulty With Developing Social Skills

One of the main symptoms of asperger’s syndrome include difficulties in the development of social skills, which are otherwise developed in other children naturally just by observing other people.

Children suffering from this disorder may have problems in interacting with other people in various social gatherings. They may also have problems in making friends and getting close to anyone.

Asperger syndrome

Repetitive Behaviours

Some of the kids with asperger’s syndrome may develop some repetitive habits like hand wringing, twisting or jumping. This may also include spinning. Initially, it may be difficult to ascertain that these habits may be symptoms of asperger’s syndrome.

But, you need to be aware of the symptoms and keep an eye on your child’s behavior, if you find any abnormal behavioral development, it may be essential for you to consult the doctor immediately.

twisting hands

Unusual Preoccupations

In asperger’s syndrome, a child may adopt strange habits and refuse to change them even upon repetitive instructions. Such unusual desires or preoccupations may include dressing up in an unusual order all the time.

Unusual Preoccupations

Difficulties in Communicating

Problem in communicating effectively is also an important symptom of asperger’s syndrome. People suffering with asperger’s syndrome often face problems in maintaining an eye contact with the person they are speaking with. In addition, they may also lack basic etiquette of communicating with other person such as pleasing facial expressions, gestures and understanding different body languages.

Communicating problem

Limited Range of Interests

People with asperger’s syndrome may be very selective about what they eat, read or do and often become possessive about it.

They may not like changing their interests and find it difficult to explore other things because of limited range of interest, making it one of the common symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome.

lack of interest

Coordination Problems

In addition to behavioral problems and limited range of interests, you may also observe coordination problems in people suffering with Asperger’s syndrome. They may not pay complete attention to what they do and may seem to be clumsy and awkward most of the times. In addition, they may also have low muscle tone.

lack of coordination

Sensory Issues

Sensory issue is yet another common symptom of aspergers. Some people may become very sensitive to sensory issues, however, others may absolutely have no sensitivity to different sensory issues. For example, some people may love loud music, but others may not be able to withstand even the sound of balloons popping.

Sensory Issues

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