Top 7 Viral Meningitis Symptoms

Viral MeningitisMeningitis occurs when the membranes around your spinal column and brain swell up owing to a viral infection. Usually this condition lasts for about two weeks and gets cured without the need of a special treatment.

This condition can occur in infants, kids, teenagers, adults as well as old people and this disease can also occur due to other illness, as well. Mosquitoes can also cause this viral infection in some cases. If you have a weak immune system you are prone to this kind of infection. These viral meningitis symptoms are not serious in nature and are easy to deal with.

Major Symptoms Of Viral Meningitis

Fever Along With Vomiting

You might have mild fever with slightly high temperature and this might sometimes be accompanied by slight chills.

Symptoms of Celiac Disease

You might also experience nausea and vomiting along with temperature. You would also have body ache and fatigue or lethargic effect and thus, you will feel like taking rest.


There is a throbbing sensation in your headache that often precedes the fever and body ache. This is also another popular symptom among the other viral meningitis symptoms.

Stiff Neck Pain

As the meninges area gets swelled up around the brain and spinal column, it would pressurize the muscles at the skull and neck. This, in turn, would trigger pain in the neck area and makes it stiff.

neck and shoulder pain

This symptom would prevent the ability to tilt your head towards the front as well as back. Any movement in the neck would cause extreme discomfort feeling in the neck. The pain will also be felt even on your upper back.

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Sensitivity Towards Light

When there is extreme pain in the spinal column owing to its swelling, it will cause high sensitivity towards the light. This is one of the most common symptoms of viral meningitis symptoms and this is also called as photophobia.

This will make you cover your eyes or close the eyes against light source. Also the human eyes will not be able to face bright lights and as a result, people will face headache often.

Lack Of Appetite

Loss of Appetite

You might feel that you have lost your appetite and would restrict food for a long time. It might also be the feeling of nausea or vomiting and stomach upset that would restrict you from eating food.


As you don’t take foods as well as liquids, it will make you highly dehydrated. So it is essential that you stay hydrated enough by sipping water every now and then, even though you do not feel like drinking. But in spite of that, if you experience dehydration, you would require immediate hospitalization.

Fatigue Or Tiredness

You might feel lack of energy or experience extreme tiredness which would make you feel sleepy all day. You might sleep all day long even without having food or water owing to the tiredness.

This is a general symptom of viral meningitis which would make you feel better when your get good sleep and bed rest. This can also be achieved by hospitalizing you for a few days.

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