Top 8 Cardiomyopathy Symptoms

CardiomyopathyCardiomyopathy is the problem associated with heart muscles which occurs due to the weakening of the muscles. This is the result of inability of the heart to pump blood to other parts of the body.

Usually during this condition, the heart muscles might get enlarged and thick and this condition reduces its efficiency to pump blood in the body. This would lead to failure of heart and this can also cause damage to your heart valves..

The various cardiomyopathy symptoms might take many years to surface. As the heart becomes weaker, the symptoms would start to develop further in the body. This might even lead to sudden death at any stage of the disease if not treated with care.

Major Symptoms Of Cardiomyopathy

Shortness Of Breath

You might experience shortness of breath when you are suffering from this medical condition. This symptom may occur while you are taking rest or sleeping.

Shortness of Breath

Huge pressure in the chest, accumulation of fluid in the lungs and the pressure build-up in the chest cause this difficulty in breathing. You would not be able to take full breaths. This feeling of suffocation can also be accompanied by dry cough, wheezing or asthma.


This symptom is a usual one that is felt by most of the patients. They feel very tired even with very less activity. This might be due to the inability of the weakening heart muscles to pump blood which would in turn deplete the brain of oxygen and this would make you feel very tired.

Swelling In The Feet And Legs

This condition is known as edema that features puffed up look in the hands and feet of the human body. This is owing to the poor blood supply in the body which will cause fluid retention in various parts, such as the arms and legs.

Swelling In The Abdomen

tenderness in abdomen

When there is lesser blood supply to your body, it will cause fluid to get collected in the liver and as a result, there is a swelling in your abdomen and intense pain in the area. You would also experience loss of appetite.

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Changes In The Urination Pattern

Compared to your usual urination routine, you might feel lesser requirement to urinate during the day time, however, at night you might have to go frequently to the washroom owing to the accumulated body fluids. These fluids will enter and mix with your blood stream once you start sleeping.

Chest Pain

This is an unusual symptom among the cardiomyopathy symptoms. This is experienced by only 10% of the patients suffering from this condition.

Unexplained Weight Gain

Rapid weight gain

When you have fluid accumulated at various parts of the body, such as abdomen, feet and arms, naturally your body weight doubles up.


You might experience that your heart is beating faster, even though you are not doing any work. Besides this, you might be hearing beats of your heart or feel it misses a beat with sweating and discomfort. This symptom needs immediate medical help or else could prove fatal to the human lives.

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