Top 8 Health Benefits Of Pistachio Nuts

Though many studies have described about the various health benefits of nuts as sources of abundant proteins, multi vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals and fiber, delicious pistachios are created unequal. These are wonderful nuts and symbolic dry fruits for our over all well being and especially to protect the health of our heart and eyes.These are also known as skinny nuts having light brown color shells.Some times, these nuts are colored in red or green to cover the damage of the shell out side.

Pistachio Nuts

Pistachios are hopefully originated from the mountain ranges of Western Asia, Syria, Afghanistan and Caucasus . Later it occupied the globe wide spread thus becoming every body’s favorite dry fruit. Pistachio nuts were used for food in the early 7000 B.C. Pistachio trees become matured in less than 10 years and take nearly 20 years to be completely productive.  The well known variety for commercial usage is the kerman.

Curbs Your Appetite With Abundant Calories

The one healthiest snack that can satisfy your appetite is the small and lovely nut, pistachio. High fat content in pistachio nuts gives rise to innumerable calories to the human body. It is estimated that 400 calories can be obtained by eating 3 ounces of pistachio nuts.

In a serving of just 30 grams of pistachio nuts, you can get approximately 50 kernels and also 170 calories which  implies that 12% of the daily value of a person.However, the best advantage of pistachio nuts is that,  you may not put on weight significantly though taken very often.


Protects Your Cardiovascular Health From The Risk Of LDL

Pistachios are super popular snack and many of the health beneficiary nutrients are equipped with these nuts which are highly essential for our robust health. Eating roughly two handfuls of pistachio nuts every day for one month can reduce the risk of Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL or bad cholesterol.

Phytosterols  present in pistachios can safe guard the body by not making it to take vulnerable fats which may affect the health of your heart. The rich antioxidants present in pistachios aid in reducing bad cholesterol or LDL. Pistachios can also lower the build up of arginine in arteries. The over all body fitness and immune system in the body are appreciated by the vitamins, fiber, phyto nutrients, proteins, copper and magnesium present in pistachio nuts.

heart health

Maintains The Health Of Your Eyes

The carotenoids present in pistachios give protection to the tissues from free radical damages to the eyes.


A Healthy Combination For Various Snacks

The variety of foods with pistachio nuts are found in healthy snacks like oat meal, salads, yoghurts or else they can be eaten directly by taking the shell out. Delicious ness of ice creams, and foods having gravies, deserts etc do demand the inclusion of pistachio nuts.

This best snack can be added to almost all the dishes to turn their taste magnificent.Pistachios are not only a big boon to your taste buds they are well equipped medicines for a whole lot of diseases. If you want to prevent your self from the swallow of medicines, fill your bowel with handful of pistachio nuts which even reduce the development of blood clots.


Potassium And Vitamin B6

The high content of potassium in pistachio is a good regulator for fluid balance. Bones and teeth are well built by the presence of phosphorous. The energy of the body is converted by an important element magnesium. Absorption and metabolism of proteins in the body is done with the aid of vitamin B6.

Saves Your Heart From Ailments By Improving HDL

Pistachios are good in protecting a person from cardio vascular diseases, vision impairments and the plenty of phyto nutrients present in them fight against cancer. Pistachios contain zero cholesterol and abundant mono unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats contained in huge quantities enhance HDL cholesterol in a human body. This implies that they can reduce the chances of getting heart attacks.

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Calms The Nerves In Your Brain

In a complete stressful life of today, pistachios lower the severe reactions to stress and there by can improve the behavioral health of a person. A mix of ground pistachio and milk can be used as a face pack to realize the dream of getting glowing skin and appealing beauty. The pistachio oil can be of great help in keeping your skin healthy and to be protected from dry skin.

Daily intake of Pistachio nuts can reduce your weight due to high content of protein, fat and fiber which perhaps can induce a feel of full ness of your tummy, there by one can avoid over eating.


Diseases Are Kept At Bay

Pistachios are efficient in protecting us from disease and infections. The compounds of carotene, vitamin E, and polyphynol are well known to remove free radicals and toxins from the body. The vitamin A present in them reduces stress, and improves nitric levels in the body.


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