Top 8 Precautions For Type 2 Diabetics

Disease of the 21st century is diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a disease that occurs to an individual after the age of 40 years. Sedentary living, eating junk foods, obesity and unhealthy life style habits are a few causes for type 2 diabetes.You can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, by controlling your weight and doing physical exercise every day.

Type 2 Diabetics

Burning calories and muscle building are also other ways of preventing type 2diabetes.

The major complications of diabetes arise due to poor blood sugar control, affecting kidneys, eyes, skin and nerves.

Do Not Eat Negative Foods:

Managing your life style and modifying diet are essential to optimize treatment.Do not take sugar from now.   Avoid eating starchy vegetables and fruits containing lots of sugar such as mangoes, custard apples and dates. Do not eat oil fried foods, sauces and also salads dressed with sugars. If you are alcoholic, say good bye to alcohol.

Do Not Eat Negative Foods

Maintain Strict Timings For Meals:

You must be attentive to the timings of your meals, if you are on medication. Prolonged hunger can result in the abnormal fluctuations of blood sugar levels. Ensure that your meals contain a good combination of carbohydrates and protein to reduce the absorption of glucose.

Maintain Strict Timings For Meals

Benefits Of Regular Exercise:

Exercise helps in burning calories, so that your weight can be controlled.   Stronger bones and muscles, weight loss, more flexibility etc., are the some other advantages for diabetics controlling blood sugar will be difficult, if a person is overweight.

Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Involve In Aerobic Activities:

Activities like walking, running and cycling help in utilizing blood glucose for energy.  Do aerobic exercises for one hour in a day, depending upon your weight

Involve In Aerobic Activities

Wear Proper Shoes And Socks:

Good supportive shoes for your feet can reduce the occurrence of accidents and chaffing of the skin.   It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids before and after your exercise.   However, pure water is the best drink, to cleanse your body by removing toxins. Else, kidneys may fail.

Wear Proper Shoes And Socks

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Meticulous Care:

Be extra cautious in protecting your feet, teeth and skin from injuries and infections because the very delicate skin of diabetics will not become normal if injuries or infections occur. In severe cases, infections to the legs may cause the removal of them permanently. Hence, due to this sensitive nature of their body, diabetics should take ultimate care of themselves.

Meticulous Care

Do Not Be Physically Inactive:

It is highly essential to keep yourself physically active during the day. Even if you are a retired employee, engage yourself in societal activities voluntarily or work for any organization which needs your services and the like. Therefore, make it sure that you have to burn your calories and increase your appetite by not being inactive.

Do Not Be Physically Inactive

Wheat Is The Best Suggested Food:

It is advisable to take wheat in any form either as chapati or upma, instead of rice due to high content of carbohydrates and starch in it. So, intake of wheat at least twice in day is helpful to control blood sugar levels for diabetics.

Wheat Is The Best Suggested Food

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