Top 8 Reasons For Drinking Tender Coconut Water

Coconut Water

The English name of coconut is coco which means monkey face in Spanish and Portuguese.  The name coconut has got its first print in English in the year 1955.When picked unripe, we call them as tender coconut which will have good amount of water and this water gets dried up thus becomes a part of the white shell after it ripens. The benefits of tender coconut water are pretty amazing due to its purity second to water. Being one of the nature’s best drinks, tender coconut water has got the finest properties of anti aging and do you know that the secret of Madonna’s ever youthful ness is only this. It is a great fact that the many health benefits of drinking tender coconut water should be made aware to every body and here we have them all.

Electrolytes And Other Minerals For Vital Body Processes

functioning of heart

Electrolyte present in tender coconut water is much like that of plasma in a human body, hence it is a marvelous sports drink and also the much preferred first re hydration drink. A very natural isotonic beverage is coconut water having electrolytes.Tender coconut water is one among the richest sources of electrolytes and having highest proportions of chlorides, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and B, glucose which is a kind of sugar available in the body, dietary  fiber, manganese, riboflavin, contains zero fat and no sugar though having sweet taste. The vital role of potassium is that of controlling blood pressure and regulating the functioning of heart. Yet, the amounts of sugar, sodium and protein present in tender coconut water are in moderate range.

Anti Infectious

Immune System

The high levels of lauric acid present in tender coconut water is converted by the body in to monolaurin which is a disease fighting fatty acid derivative. The prime properties of lauric acid are those of anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial which protect the human body from various infections and is also a booster of immune system.

A Good Medicine For Many Problems Of Pregnant Ladies

Pregnant Ladies

The common problems faced by  pregnant women like constipation, indigestion, intestinal malfunction, and heart burning sensation can come to normalcy by drinking tender coconut water daily.

A Good Diuretic

Good Diuretic

Being a natural diuretic, tender coconut water helps in overcoming renal infections and also lowers the risk of developing stones in kidneys that affect Urinary Track Infection or UTI. Even for those suffering from acidity and ulcers, tender coconut water is the best home medicine to take.

Works Better For Improving Good Cholesterol In The Body

Some researches have reported that, tender coconut water has good effect on raising good cholesterol levels or HDL in an individual. Good Cholesterol In The Body

Effective Hydrating Drink During Summer

In throbbing heat waves of summer, one can not find a replacement for tender coconut water for not being attacked by sun strokes or dehydration. There fore, it would be always a better option to drink coconut water instead of aerated drinks and flavored fruit juices.Unbelievably coconut water is a nature gifted sterile drink to hydrate the body and keep its health in a promising progression.

Effective Hydrating

Purifies The Body

Another note worthy point to be mentioned here is that to take tender coconut water in situations of any kind of infections in the body to get rid of them or even if you are free from any infection,  to keep your body protective from the reach of infections.

Purifies The Body

Natural Replenisher

The organic compounds present in coconut water are good for healthy growth of a person of any age and to maintain the body at normal temperature by keeping it cool. Other vital function of coconut water is that, it carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the human body. Drinking coconut water promotes weight reduction and increases your metabolism.For many years, doctors have too recommended pure coconut water as an intravenous fluid for their patients having various health disorders.

Weight Reduction

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