Top 8 Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Your hair speaks a lot about your health and even if you are perfectly healthy, you may possess complaints about your hair. Perhaps, this happens because, we tend to inflict a huge damage on our hair without knowing how to take care of  it properly.

Hair Healthy

Care To Be Taken While Brushing Hair:

It is advisable to brush your hair gently for 100 strokes in a day. However, excessive brushing can damage the hair and stimulates the sebaceous glands by increasing the level of sebum in the hair.

Sebum is an oily substance produced from the scalp and it keeps hair looking shiny and soft by coating each hair.  Move brush strokes always outward from the scalp.

Care To Be Taken While Brushing Hair

Method Of  Shampooing Your Hair:

Shampoo your hair every alternate day only when your hair looks greasy or dirty. People with oily hair should shampoo very often, because, shampoo is merely a cleansing agent and has no effect on hair loss. A precaution to be taken is that , you should not shampoo your hair for more than thrice a week.

Method Of  Shampooing Your Hair

Use A Branded Shampoo:

It is always advisable to use shampoos specifically manufactured for hair care, by branded companies. Medicated shampoo and branded baby shampoos can also leave good results for your hair. Less concentrated shampoos having white vinegar content are effective in maintaining the heath of your hair.

Use A Branded Shampoo

Frequent Hair Check Up Is Mandatory:

Never ignore hair problems as they indicate good health or lack of it. Whenever you notice abnormal hair fall or dandruff, then you have to contact a trichologist before the symptoms get worsen.

Frequent Hair Check Up Is Mandatory

Permanent Cure With Hibiscus Leaves:

Take few hibiscus leaves and make a paste with water. Apply this paste to hair, in fair concentration. The paste holds the hair if left for 30 minuted and your hair becomes much sticky.

Use hot water to clean up the paste with shampoo. You will be wondered to see your hair becoming black in color, silky and dandruff free.  This process should be repeated once in two weeks  to witness a  long term result.

Permanent Cure With Hibiscus Leaves

Use Washed Comb:

The disinterest that the most people show to wash their combs regularly,  is another vital reason for hair to damage.  When you use combs that are not washed for many days, the dirt stored in between the teeth of your comb gets transferred to your hair resulting in unhealthy hair.

So, make it a habit to use clean combs.  Another important point to be noted is to use personal combs only but, not those being used by others.

Use Washed Comb

Clean The Scalp And  Hair:

Many believe that , dandruff is located on the hair and wash only their hair but do not see betterment. In reality, dandruff gets stored on the scalp and spreads to hair.  So, wash the scalp with fingers pressed on the scalp and rotate till you can feel the touch of your scalp freely.

Clean The Scalp And  Hair

Diet Rich In Proteins And Minerals:

Ensure that you take a balanced diet high in protein content and your hair does require minerals such as iron, copper and zinc in  correct proportions. The condition of your hair will be affected drastically, when your body is deficient in minerals.

The food that you eat affects your hair growth and this is one more reason to eat food properly. Ensure that you include varied and balanced diet to get necessary vitamins and trace elements.

Diet Rich In Proteins And Minerals

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.