Top 9 Benefits Of Drinking Milk

An excellent source of high quality protein is milk. The proteins present in milk have got amino acid profiles in balanced proportions, which are deficient in vegetable proteins. Due to this, milk proteins are known to be excellent complementary products.Amino acids present in all kinds of proteins are other wise termed as protein building blocks.

Proteins get hydrolyzed in to smaller peptides and their constituent amino acids, during the digestion process.Milk contains many minerals and vitamins that are vital for keeping the health of a human being. You talk to any body who is addicted to having milk, the wonderful benefits of drinking milk can have an endless points to tell about. More or less, I find the following common advantages by drinking milk every day.

Muscle Tissue Development:

The amino acids which are transported from the blood stream to various locations in the body are re synthesized in to proteins for the development of muscle tissues, storage of nutrients and formation of enzymes in the body.

Calcium, Potassium And Minerals:

To keep our bones strong, we require calcium supplements in sufficient quantities and we must all know that calcium also protects us from osteoporosis or bone loss which is essentially vital for women as they reach their menopause state at some age.Potassium aids in regulating blood pressure and the functioning of heart.  We can get 366 mg of potassium by having a cup of milk in one serving. The other minerals contained in milk are selenium, fluoride, zinc, copper, iron, sodium and phosphorous.

Vitamin B:

The essential vitamins needed by a human body are fully loaded in milk. A one cup of milk has 0.5 mg of riboflavin which is a kind of vitamin B. The remaining B vitamins present in milk are vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin, vitamin B12, choline and folate.

Vitamin D:

Much of the milk is fortified by having high percentage of vitamin D in it. The necessity of vitamin D lies in regulating the levels of calcium and phosphorous in the body. Another important role of vitamin D is that of absorbing calcium and promoting immunity system of the body.

Proteins, Carbohydrates And Fat:

Milk provides us with proteins and carbohydrates for energy creation in the body. Fat is one ingredient that most people do not want to have in milk to guard themselves from the problems of bad cholesterol. However, fat is needed in little quantities in the body for the smooth functioning of body cells. So, it is always better to consume milk having 2% fat or even a bit lesser than it for maintaining sound health.

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Nutritional Summary Of Cow’s Milk:

Cow’s milk is said to be the preferred source of calcium and vitamin D. Cow’s milk as a healthy drink is a good substitute for your short meals or snacks. The nutritious supplements of cow’s milk will change with respect to the calories and fat content in it.

Nutritional Truths About Skimmed Milk:

If your diet includes skimmed milk, then you have the perfect choicest health benefits, because of low calories, superior quality proteins, energy giving carbohydrates, vital nutrients and minerals in a single serving of a cup of skimmed milk. Other fortified vitamins in skimmed milk are vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 or riboflavin.

The major function of vitamin A is to provide a healthy eye sight, forming of epithelial and supporting the immunity system in the body. While vitamin D helps in improving calcium absorption, forming strong teeth and bones, vitamin B12 aids in promoting the nervous system in the body and energy metabolism.

A Relaxing Bed Time Snack:

If you have problems of not getting proper sleep during night, drink a cup of warm skimmed milk without adding sugar to it and I am sure that, you would never face sleeping disorders provided the conditions are normal in your body requiring no medication.

Many Dishes With Milk:

Are you bored of drinking milk, still you have a solution for making milk as a part of your diet. Follow and try the other variants with milk, like having oat meal, cereals and condensed soups of vegetables of your likes, cream of rice or cream of wheat. Milk is a whole food, so have at least 250 ml of milk every day, and you are sure to reap the benefits of energy and positive health.

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