Top 8 Natural Cures For Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea, commonly known as whites, is a condition where women experience a thick yellow or white discharge accompanied by foul odor from their genitals. But this should not be confused with normal vaginal discharge that is clear and odorless and is important for expelling harmful organism and bacteria.


If the condition is ignored at the initial stage and not treated, it can become a chronic condition. Some of the common causes of leucorrhoea can be unhealthy diet, improper hygiene, bacterial and fungal infections, hormonal and metabolic imbalances, anemia, constipation and uterine infection.

Other symptoms apart from discharge include a general feeling of weakness and lethargy, loss of appetite, frequent headaches, pain in the calves and lumber region and intense itching. However, some natural remedies are available that can bring relief from this uncomfortable condition.

Natural Cures For Leucorrhoea

Natural remedies recommend making douches from simple ingredients for treating the symptoms of Leucorrhoea. They may not be backed up by extensive research, but they are harmless and can certainly bring relief.

Fenugreek Douche

Boil two tablespoons of fenugreek seed for half an hour in one liter water. Let it cool down and then strain it. Use this warm water as a douche to find relief from itching and other symptoms associated with leucorrhea.

Continue this treatment until the symptoms subsides. You can also take fenugreek seeds internally in the form of tea for quick relief. The solution should be bit stronger when used as a douche.


Guava Or Walnut Leaves’ Douche

Prepare douche solution by boiling few guava leaves or walnut tree leaves for at least half an hour, until the quantity of the water is reduced to half. Strain and use it for douching. Both the douches work as powerful vaginal astringents and are excellent remedies for getting relief from leucorrhoea.


Banyan Or Fig Douche

Another effective way to cure leucorrhoea is using 1 tbsp bark powder of banyan or fig tree. Boil this powder for half an hour in one liter water. Leave it for an half an hour and then strain the mixture and use it for douching. Continue this treatment every alternative day, until you find complete relief.


Lady’s Finger

Boil about 100 gm of freshly cut lady’s finger in one liter water for half an hour. Stain the mixture and add little honey to sweeten it. Drink about 60 ml of this mixture every morning and evening. This is one of the most effective remedies for getting rid of the irritable symptoms associated with leucorrhoea.

Lady’s Finger

Cranberry Juice

Unsweetened cranberry juice can relieve you from this disease when taken regularly for a week. But this juice should always be taken in moderation.

cranberry juice

Mango Pulp

Apply a thin layer of mango pulp after scrapping the paste from the skin of a ripe mango in your vagina after you finish douching. This can bring relief from the irritating symptoms of leucorrhoea.

Mango Pulp

Garlic And Turmeric

Both garlic and turmeric have beneficial medicinal properties. They contain anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can bring relief from symptoms of leucorrhoea when taken internally.

garlic and turmeric


Eating banana has been found to be beneficial for treating leucorrhoea. Either eat one or two fresh bananas every day or dip the bananas in clarified butter and have them for breakfast or lunch. You need to try these remedies until the symptom subsides.