Top 6 Natural Cures For Women Health Issues


Women Health Issues

Changing and hectic patterns of lifestyle, pollution, hormonal imbalances, etc are one of the few reasons behind the rise of health issues among women. This, coupled with menstruation, pregnancy and menopause are the key problems that a lot of women these days suffer from.

Most forms of medicine are prone to side effects which in a way add to the issues of health. Hence, here are a few health issues that women face very often as well as their natural remedies to deal with those issues.

Natural Cures For Women Health Issues

Hypertension, Anxiety: Yoga


This has been proven to be one of the most powerful means of tackling health issues. This method is very beneficial especially for women suffering from hypertension as it is most common in women. Yoga stimulates the chakras within the body and acts on the mind as well as the body. Meditation is said to be good for balancing hormonal tensions which cause hypertension and anxiety.

Along with this, certain Asanas like the ‘Uttanasana’ help stimulate the reproductive system. Yoga also enhances core strength and maintains bone health along with being a good controller for blood pressure as well as diabetes.

Uterus Problem: Consume Raspberry


Full of anti oxidants, raspberry works a lot for the reproductive system. It helps in strengthening the uterus and thereby makes it healthier for childbirth. Make use of this remedy if you are pregnant. Most doctors suggest the intake of raspberry juice to pregnant ladies.

Most women suffer from weakness during pregnancy and so drinking raspberry juice or raspberry tonic offers them a host of vital nutrients that are essential both for the mother as well as child.

Period Cramps: Use Ginger


This kitchen herb is widely used in case of period cramps. It can be infused with green tea to relax cramps. Ginger is also mixed with jaggery and cumin seeds and boiled in order to create a concoction that works for inducing delayed periods. This also makes irregular periods regular.

Urinary Tract Infection: Take Cranberry


Another berry that is wonderful for women is cranberry. It is helpful in keeping Urinary Tract Infection at bay as it fights bacteria that cause these infections. It has been widely known that women are most susceptible to UTI than men and hence this fruit helps cure UTI’s. The best way of taking cranberry is a glass full of cranberry juice every day.

Obesity, High Cholesterol: Consume Flaxseeds


This has multiple benefits. Women, these days are suffering from obesity and high cholesterol troubles. Flaxseeds help control cholesterol and as a result tackle heart problems.

They absorb excess and harmful fat and prevent it from increasing the levels of cholesterol. Flaxseeds can be used in cereal, yogurt etc. Flaxseed oil is another way of using the benefits of flaxseed by adding the oil to salads and wraps.

Cancer: Drink Green Tea

Green Tea

Famous for its anti oxidants, green tea is helpful in preventing cancer. It is true that the 21st century has seen a wide increase in the number of women suffering from breast cancer.

Green tea is the perfect way to keep it at bay and also promoting the healing of breast cancer. It is rich in antibacterial properties and keeps the body strong for fighting various diseases.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.