Treating Head Lice with Olive Oil

Head Lice

Head lice can be treated using olive oil. Olive oil is the oil from olives. Olive oil is readily available from grocery stores, whole food stores and health food stores. Olive oil comes in several different types such as pure, extra virgin and virgin. It does not matter which type is used for treatment.

Other items needed to treat head lice in addition to the olive oil are a disposable comb, a shower cap, and a face cloth. The olive oil can be poured directly onto the scalp of the hair. For longer hair pour the olive oil onto the face cloth and dab onto the hair. Using the disposable comb, comb the hair to evenly distribute the olive oil through the hair and scalp. Once the olive oil is applied, put on a shower cap and make sure all hair is under the shower cap.


The olive oil should be left on for several hours. Afterwards, shampoo the hair and wash thoroughly and rinse. Using a disposable comb, comb through the hair to remove the eggs, which are called the nits. The comb and shower cap should be disposed of not used again. If another treatment is needed use a new comp and a new shower cap. The facecloth should be laundered in hot water with detergent.

Olive Oil

The olive oil can also be added directly to the shampoo. Add about twenty drops to a normal size bottle of shampoo and shake to mix well. Later the shampoo up and leave on for at least fifteen minutes before rinsing.

It is important to continue treating for head lice for at least a week. The female louse lays nits every day in the scalp at the base of the hair follicle. The eggs take about two weeks to hatch so it is important to not only treat for the active lice, but also comb the hair to remove the nits.

Clean Bed

Head lice cannot survive without a human host. They do not infect dogs, cats or other pets. Any bedding should be washed on a daily basis while treating in hot water with detergent.

Treating Head Lice with Olive Oil

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