4 Treatments For Melasma


Melasma refers to a skin related problem observed mostly among women in the age group of 20-25 years. Brown or gray patches are observed on the skin of the women suffering from melasma. The skin discoloration mainly occurs on forehead, upper lips, chin and upper cheeks.

Hormonal imbalance and exposure to ultra violet rays of the sun are the two major factors responsible for melasma among women. Melasma is a very common issue among pregnant ladies. Also, it is observed that it mostly affects women with dark or olive skin. There are various treatment options available for melasma. In this article we shall give you a few tips to treat melasma.

4 Best Ways To Treat Melasma

A few ways of treating melasma have been discussed here under:

Over The Counter Creams

Over The Counter Creams For Melasma

There are various kinds of over the counter creams and lotions which help in treating melasma. Creams enriched with at least 2% hydroquinone are considered to be very effective with respect to treating melasma. In case, the hydroquinone level is higher than 2%, it might cause irritation on the skin.

Therefore, it is recommended to look for products with hydroquinone level of only 2% for the purpose of lightening the skin, so as to get rid of skin discoloration. The cream should be applied on the skin twice daily to get effective results.

In case, the problem of melasma is on a higher scale, creams with higher level of hydroquinone, enriched with other ingredients like glycolic acid, corticosteroids and tretinoin, should be used, which are available only on prescription.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels For Melasma

There are several types of chemical peels available to treat melasma. The type of chemical peel chosen entirely depends upon the skin type. In most of the cases, peels with glycolic acid in the range of 30%-70% are considered to be quite effective. Another common ingredients present in the chemical peels consist of hydroquinone. The chemical peel treatment should be carried out through expert hands only, so that the probability of any harmful impact on the skin is minimized.

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Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreen Lotion For Melasma

Another important treatment for melasma consists of application of sunscreen on the skin before going out in the sun. The sun’s rays are very harmful for the skin, and may aggravate the skin condition, if appropriate preventive measures are not taken.

Therefore, in order to treat melasma and prevent the condition from aggravating further, it is strongly recommended to apply sunscreen on the skin every time before stepping out of the house in sun. Preventing the skin from excessive exposure to the sun is one of the best ways to treat melasma and prevent future skin discoloration.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy For Melasma

Laser therapy is also one of the ways of treating melasma, but it is never a preferred choice. 3-4 sittings may be required to treat melasma through laser therapy. Initially, the skin condition may get worsened due to use of laser treatment for melasma. Also, it is an expensive procedure and may not be affordable by everyone. Laser therapy for melasma treatment should be opted only as the last alternative.

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