Understanding Various Symptoms Of Dyslexia

DyslexiaDyslexia is a learning disability found in kids and grown up children. Finding out those kids who are affected by this disability would require lots of patience and focus as the kids affected can speak well, play well and interact well. This would be a tough process but if you want your kid to be free from such a disability, always look out for various symptoms of dyslexia which help you to understand better. Make sure that if you find your kid with any or few of the symptoms, it does not mean that the child has dyslexia or vice versa.

Various Symptoms Of Dyslexia

Reading Problems

The kid will not be able to read consistently. Also he might not have a smooth and fluent style of reading. He might read the words in a list in a wrong way and also tends to skip some small words while reading a sentence such as from, a, were, the, of and to. Also sometimes the child would be able to read a word on the first page but fail to do so in finding the same word in the next page. Also the kid would add new words while reading and also reads in the wrong order.

Also some common symptoms would be reading with the same pronunciation of those words that have a similar rhyming. Poor reading ability while trying long paragraphs, fatigued soon after small time spent on reading and loses interest in reading after a few minutes.

Spelling Problems And Writing Problems

Spelling problems and writing problems

While spelling out a word the kid would add a letter to the spelling and while learning spelling, the child might leave out a few words or letters while learning. The child when trying to copy from a blackboard or paper would experience difficulty while doing so. Also if your kid tries to copy letter by letter from one medium to another then it is one among the most common symptoms of dyslexia.

For the kid, misspells are always a common while reading or writing. The kid would also be able to read and produce the spelling only after reading for long hours and repeatedly. The kid would have a very slow way of writing, writes with irregularly shaped letters, wrong pencil grip, writes letters in the opposite direction and uses both hands to write.

Speech Problems

The child would continue to talk in baby language even after being 6 years older or would take a lot of time to talk and utters his first word after one year of age. The kid would also mispronounce a few words such as animal as animal or expresses difficulty while learning multi syllable words. The kid might offer vague pronunciation that requires an impact way of saying it.

Difficulty In Sequencing

Difficulty in sequencing

The kid might have difficulty in remembering the alphabet line, doing things according to step by step instructions, does not remember the order of days of the week or months of the year, does not remembers mobile numbers and is not able to follow the instructions you offer verbally.

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