Useful Home Remedies For Shoulder Dislocations

Shoulder DislocationsAn injury to bones of the upper arm that causes them to come out of the socket of the shoulder blade is referred as a dislocated shoulder. This happens when association between the edges of bones of the upper arm with socket of shoulder blade gets lost under severe injury to arm or shoulder blade.

The pain of dislocated bone extends to the arm and a sharp pain is felt when the affected person tries moving the dislocated shoulder. Healing usually takes a long time and it involves treatment, immobilization of the dislocated shoulder and rehabilitation.

Home Remedies To Heal The Dislocated Shoulder

Solution for dislocated shoulder mainly depend upon the severity of the dislocation that has occurred. The focus is to control the pain and relocate the joint back to its original position. This can be only performed by the orthopedics and the process is known as closed reduction. Proper care after closed reduction of the joint is very crucial in promoting a speedy recovery and attaining the original arm and shoulder movements.

Give Complete Rest To The Shoulder

Be patient and continue to have complete rest with no mobility of the shoulder and arm of the affected joint that has been tied by a sling, post the relocated process.


Limit all overhead activities till shoulder is completely back into its original position. Avoid repeating any particular action that has caused the shoulder to undergo dislocation.

Wear Protective Gears

While playing contact sports put on the protective gear to shield the dislocated region and avoid heavy activities or sports to ensure a rapid recovery. Healing of dislocated shoulder takes a long time, so be patient and careful before you act.

Gentle Exercises To Regain Motion

To regain motion of the shoulder, gentle exercising should be begin as advised by the doctor, once pain and inflammation have been subsided. Total inactivity of joints can increase joint stiffness that is more troublesome to deal afterwards.

stretching exercise

Keeping shoulder completely out of use for long period can result in frozen shoulder, where shoulder can become very stiff like a hard rock that is extremely difficult to move even a bit.

Perform Shoulder Strengthening Stretches

As the injury heals and shoulder regains a good amount of motion, one should perform shoulder exercises with shoulder strengthening stretches as a vital part of the routine. This is usually performed, once sling is removed from the shoulder. The strengthening of shoulder is essential to prevent any recurrence of its dislocation.

For any kind of stretches of exercises for dislocated shoulders, physiotherapist must be consulted prior to beginning the exercise schedule. With appropriate exercise program, achieving a freely mobile shoulder motions will not be a farfetched dream. Shoulder will be able to regain all its strength and the injured socket will be fully mend to able to regain its full functionality.

Perform Ice And Heat Application

Apply ice over the affected shoulder to lower down the pain and inflammation. This can be achieved using a towel wrapped over the ice cubes or a pack of frozen vegetables or a cold pack that needs be applied over the shoulder for 15 -20 minutes.

Ice Pack

Repeat ice application after every few hours for the initial two days. After 2 to 3 days, when inflammation and pain have been reduced substantially, apply heating pad or hot packs for 20 minutes, to relax the sore and tight muscles.

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