Using cortisone injections for knee arthritis

Knee arthritis is a serious health condition which cannot ever be underestimated, and the significant toll it takes on the victim can be horrendous and beyond imagination. Unable to bear even the weight as they walk,  people with knee arthritis will oftentimes succumb to the temptation of becoming utterly sedentary, as they fear that by being active they will worsen their pain and worse yet, inflict further damage on their already very fragile and bitter joint.

Sadly, the range of effective treatment options for the management of the pain and symptoms caused by knee arthritis are woefully lacking, and this is tragic state of affairs is not improved any by virtue of the fact that to date, despite the best efforts of the medical community as a whole, there has been no definitive cure for the condition as a whole.

One option that is accessible to people who suffer from knee arthritis is to make use of cortisone injections. Some issues concerning the usage of this treatment option are as follows.

What is it?

In short, a cortisone injection is an injection to the arthritic joint, where the needle will contain the hormone “cortisone” which is actually already produced inside the body. Cortisone is produced inside the adrenal gland and is then dispersed around the body as and when required, and it is worth noting that the time when the adrenal gland will step up production of it will be when the body is under direct stress.

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How does it alleviate knee arthritis?

Cortisone has been proven to have a very potent muscle relaxant effect, and this in turn, helps to alleviate and reduce, not to mention control the symptoms of the disease much more readily, and given that one of the primary causes of the pain experienced and endured during arthritic flare ups is due to the inflammation that is present, this is welcome news indeed!

Best of all, cortisone injections will work in a very short space of time indeed,  and so the patient should experience a major improvement in their pain levels within a mater of just a  few short days.

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