Using Diet To Control Gouty Arthritis

Gouty arthritis is a health complaint that is affecting an ever increasing proportion of the general public and for those of us who have had the extreme displeasure of enduring the condition can directly testify as to the intense pain and discomfort that it causes, not to mention the limiting effect it has on the quality of life for the victim.

Like any other form of arthritis, gouty arthritis will typically cause a significant amount of joint pain as well as inflammation for the victim, and sometimes the pain can become so intense and severe that the victim finds themselves in the rather unfortunate position of being unable to get to sleep. Although gouty arthritis is a condition that can go away without the need for medical intervention or medication, the simple truth of the matter is that the extreme pain it causes will be just too much for the average person to handle.

However, many of us are reluctant to rely upon prescription medication to control the disease and with good reason. The long term risks and side effects associated with painkiller medication  are well-documented and include the likes of addiction as well as liver and heart failure. Tragically, many people end up enduring worse problems than they had to contend with previously by virtue of the fact that their body is now physically addicted to the medication, and so this addiction remains well after the initial problem has been dealt with and resolved.

Thankfully, modifying the diet can have a significantly beneficial effect on the symptoms of gouty arthritis.

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Studies have proven that dehydration in the body will significantly increase the amount of uric acid in the body, and given the fact that it is uric acid that will ultimately crystallize around the joints of the body affected by the condition, this means that by drinking more water, you will be able to reduce the severity and frequency of the symptoms of gouty arthritis.

Water is also useful for dealing with the condition due to the fact that it will suppress the appetite and fend off hunger pangs.

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