Using Food For Recovery From Anorexia

The long term health effects and consequences of anorexia are as severe as they are multiple and the damage that is sustained to the body as a direct result of this especially cruel and insidious mental health disorder is nothing short of tragic.

To an anorexia sufferer, food becomes something to be despised and feared, as it will place the anorexia sufferer at a significant risk of gaining weight which is an exceptionally traumatic outcome for them.  Therefore, before they can even begin a new and streamlined diet designed to improve their eating habits and ensure that they can finally get their body into some semblance of normalcy, it will typically be necessary for the anorexia sufferer to undergo some mental health treatment to allow them to overcome their flawed and negative experiences concerning food.

For many recovering anorexia sufferers, even the mere thought of eating food is repulsive and a bit of a stretch and so they will struggle to keep up with the significant amount of weight gain that is demanded of them by their physician. Indeed,  many recovering anorexia sufferers have reported that they struggle to even chew and swallow food, as they find the very idea of it offensive. Therefore, a convenient method of countering that is to make use of meal replacement milkshakes.

These milkshakes are “fortified” which means that they have an excessive amount of protein and carbohydrates within them meaning that they are designed to provide the drinker with a significant amount of the nutrients they need, are are currently sorely lacking.  Not only do these meal replacement drinks make it much easier for the recovering anorexia sufferer to actually get the nutrients that they need, but the fact that they come in liquid form will mean that the body of the anorexia sufferer will not need to expend large amounts of energy to digest the milkshake.

Obviously, a recovering anorexic cannot hope to sustain themselves entirely and exclusively with these drinks, however, when used in conjunction with the carefully prepared and tailored diet set out by their nutritionist, the anorexic will be in a better position to gain weight.

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