Using Sage as a Head Cold Treatment

Using Sage as a Head Cold Treatment

There is no quick cure for a head cold. There are many symptoms associated with a head cold and left untreated it could result in other illnesses. Common symptoms include a runny or stuffed nose, watery eyes, nasal and sinus congestion, headache, low grade fever, sore throat, scratch throat, body aches, and coughing. There are a number of over-the-counter medications available but many of them contain alcohol and can even make you feel worse. Instead there are herbal remedies available that do the same things without costing a lot of money.

One herb that can be used to treat a head cold is sage. Most people already have this herb in their spice rack. If not, the herb is readily obtainable from your local grocery store, health food store or superstore. If purchasing fresh sage, make sure to grind it up well before using it. Sage is also available as an essential oil and as a dried herb.

Sage Oil

Sage oil can be added to unscented gels, creams or lotions and applied topically to the skin. It should be blotted on the face around the nose to help with sore skin caused by frequent nose blowing as a result of a head cold. Rub the mixture gently into the skin as to not irritate the skin further. The sage works as an antibiotic and helps to soothe the irritated skin. The sage mixture can also be applied liberally around the throat to help alleviate pain brought on from a sore throat. The sage mixture should only be used externally and not applied up the nose or eaten.

Sage Creams

Fresh sage leaves or dried sage can be placed into a tea infuser and dropped into boiling water to make sage tea. If the sage tea needs additional flavoring you may add some honey or lemon juice but do not use granulated sugar. The hot sage tea helps to relieve sore and scratchy throats. It should be sipped slowly for the maximum effect. While the tea is boiling on the stove, the steam from the tea can be inhaled to help clear congested nasal passages.

Fresh Sage Leaves

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