Using Supplements For Arthritis

According to conventional wisdom, we are what we eat. In other words, our diet will often times have a dramatic effect on the chances of us enduring a particular health complaint, not to mention the severity and frequency of the symptoms that will arise from that health complaint.

For years, the nutritional supplement industry has advised that it is entirely possible for people who suffer from arthritis to experience a major improvement in the pain that they endure, and even the possibility of the progress of the disease being halted outright. For people who suffer from arthritis, such news was extremely welcome indeed, and provided them with a glimmer of hope.

However, it would seem that the original claims made by the nutritional supplement companies regarding the effectiveness and benefits of these supplements has been called into serious doubt.

What supplements are alleged to be good for arthritis?

Glucosamine and chondroition have been routinely prescribed and endorsed by physicians in order to provide some measure of relief from the pain suffered by those who have arthritis in the hands, knees or hips.

Why are they supposed to be so helpful?

Glucosamine is a component found within cartilage, and, given that the nature of arthritis is that it directly erodes and damages the cartilage of the afflicted, arthritic joint, it would stand to reason then that increasing the amount of this supplement in the diet would have a positive result on the arthritic joint.

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Why is there controversy?

A comprehensive study was conducted by the University of Bern identified that there was no tangible or credible evidence to support the claims that the glucosamine supplement actually served to remedy or reverse the progression of the arthritis in an arthritic joint, and the only benefit that was identified was the placebo effect.

The study was very thorough indeed, and so there was X-rays taken of the arthritic joints in question, and the participants of the study were divided into a control group and a group that ingested the supplement. At the end of the study…there was no difference between the two groups as exhibited by the X-ray scans.

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