13 Valuable Tips On Herbal Weight Loss

The present socio economic life style has led to a common problem of excessive weight gain. With little or no physical exercise to reduce the excessive fat from the body, more and more people are succumbing to the perils of obesity.

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While cosmetic surgery, liposuction are some of the conventional means of weight loss programs adapted by the younger generation for quick dispersal of fats from the body, the perils of side effects from these methods loom large on the obese population. To overcome this problem all one needs is to follow a healthy weight loss program.

Alternative medicine proposes a number of herbal remedies for weight loss through natural means. It has been clinically established that there are a number of herbs that can be successfully used in the course of herbal weight loss. The various herbs that play an important role in the process of healthy weight loss are given below.

Green Tea For Weight Loss

This herbal product has been known for long to reduce the fat content of the body by increasing body metabolism. In the process of digested food gets converted in to triglycerides that gets circulated through out the body and is used in the form of energy. In case of excessive production of the triglycerides without any chance of dissemination, it gets deposited as fat and is the main reason behind increased weight. Green tea activates the production of certain enzymes in the body that acts on the fatty acids and breaks them down in to soluble form. In this manner it increases the metabolic activity of the body resulting in higher burning of fats.

Green tea is also known to be one of the many herbal remedies that help in fighting diabetes and any damage to the kidney and liver.

green tea

Hot Spices Or Cayenne

Hot spices or Cayenne is also known to increase the body metabolism. These herbs contain capsaicin that is known to stimulate the production of saliva, increase digestion and prevent the expansion of fat cells. These stimulants are also known to reduce the urge to eat.


Sea Weed

One of the many essential components of a healthy weight loss program, sea weeds are natural stimulants of the thyroid gland. This helps in increasing the rate of metabolism and thereby more calories get burnt.

sea weed

Coconut Oil

Dieticians suggest the use of coconut oil during cooking as the fats present in the coconut oil do not fasten themselves with the body.

coconut oil

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Herbal Weight Loss Supplements

All the above herbs are used to make different herbal weight loss supplements. These herbs are prescribed under the following names-


These are supplements that contain herbs that stimulate the metabolic activity of the body and help in burning more calories.



These supplements are used to control the water content in the body. It helps in excreting the excessive water from the body by expediting the rate of urination. Herbal weight loss diuretics have limited usage in healthy weight loss programs as they are used only when one feels bloated due to “water weight”.



These are herbal laxatives that work towards a natural method of weight control by reducing the absorption of calories by the body cells. The Cathartics facilitate near to complete digestion of food.


Hunger Suppressants

Certain spices prevent craving for food by increasing inside the stomach or by satisfying the taste glands. These suppressants suppress the hunger pangs felt by the body.

Hunger Suppressants

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Herbal Techniques For Weight Loss

The herbs and the supplements are used variably in different techniques used as herbal remedies for natural weight loss. Some of these techniques are enlisted below-

Herbal Weight Loss Patch

The patches contain extracts of different herbs. These are applied on the affected area just like band aids. The dermal contact stimulates the release of the herbs in to the blood stream and increases body’s metabolic activity to burn more calories.

Herbal Weight Loss Patch

Herbal Weight Loss Injections

These injections contain solutions made up of herbal extracts. They are believed to be more affective as they are injected directly in to the blood stream.


Weight Loss Supplements

These products have been formulated as such that while decreasing the body’s food cravings and increasing burning of calories, it ensures that the body is not deficit in all the other essential minerals.


Herbal Wraps

In this technique of healthy weight loss, the herbs produce a therapeutic effect by removing all the toxins from the body while reducing the fat content. Together with the various herbs, essential oil, natural salt and clay are some of the other ingredients used in these herbal wraps.

The herbal pills available in the market need to be used cautiously as sometimes they might have an adverse affect on the metabolism of the body.


Herbal Tea

research has shown that regular intake of herbal tea has a better affect on reduction of excessive weight than any other herbal products. The different herbs commonly used in the making of herbal tea are –Garcinia, Cinnamomum, Guggul, Fennel aniseed, Combogia etc.

Weight loss has become a common issue in our lives that has some how or the other affected us. With the market full of various weight loss programs like diet, medications, surgery etc, it becomes really difficult to choose the most affective of the lot. In order to facilitate a more risk free but efficient weight loss program, herbal remedies for weight loss are becoming more popular among the masses. One must however understand that along with the use of the various herbal products for weight loss one must also focus on physical exercises like yoga, morning walks etc and follow a healthy diet routine to make the healthy weight loss program successful.

One must also remember that herbs can not be expected to show results overnight just like other conventional medical weight loss procedures. They do not act as catalysts in a reaction but has a gradual approach towards reduction of fats from the body while keeping the essential nutrients intact. So, if you are opting for herbal weight loss program, you have to be patient and consistent to get best out of it.

Herbal Tea

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.