Various Natural Cures For Lazer Burn

Lazer Burn

Lazer BurnLazer burns are very common with lazer treatments that are taken by people. They can cause the swelling of the skin along with the change in the colour of the skin that turns either green or red. Lazer burns usually occur when the lazer energy is absorbed by the skin in place of the hair follicles. Lazer treatment is a treatment that includes the exposure of the skin to lazer beams in order to remove hair strands. Redness, burns, blisters, scars, swelling and even allergies are the side effects of lazer treatments on the hair.

Lazer is a treatment that is used for the reduction of hair growth and even hair pigmentation and can bring about a lightning effect on the hair. This is a treatment that works for people who possess dark hair and a light skin. There are certain side effects of this treatment and the most common of them are lazer burns. The natural cures for lazer burn have been discussed below:

Natural Cures For Lazer Burn


Ice Treatment

Ice or cold water can be used as the most effective of all natural cures for lazer burn because it helps in soothing the burning sensation and also brings about a reduction in the pain that is experienced because of the burn.

Ice Treatment

The redness and the swelling of the skin is also reduced to a large extent by the use of ice treatment for at least fifteen minutes. Te ice pack also helps in disrupting the flow of blood that numbs the burnt area and helps in relieving the pain.

Avoid Exposure To Sun

The burned area of the skin should not be exposed to the sun because the rays of the sun would further burn the skin that is already burned by the process of adding extra heat. It is recommended that overexposure to the sun might turn out to be very painful for the lazer burn.

Keep The Body Hydrated


For a person suffering from lazer burn it is important that the body is kept hydrated. It is very important to drink at least eight glasses of water on a regular basis in order to supply the body with enough water that is needed for faster healing. The body is kept cool with water and this helps in providing a boost to the healing process.

Use Of Milk

Milk also works as the most wonderful of all the natural cures for lazer burn because it helps in reducing the burning sensation of the lazer burn. Cold milk can always be used on the burn with the help of a cotton swab which would reduce the pain and heal the burn quite instantly.

One thing that has to be kept in mind in this respect is that skimmed milk should not be used for this purpose and whole milk is the one that can be preferred.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is suitable for every kid of burn and it is only because of the natural properties that it contains that aloe Vera is also found to be suitable for lazer burn. The juice of aloe Vera can be used in healing the burn, reducing the redness of the skin and also in soothing the feeling of sting.

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