Vitamin C To Induce Period

Period is that time of the month when you feel crusty, restless, moody and do not feel like talking to anyone. But, it is the abnormality of the menstrual cycle that is more irritating. There are times when you are sure that you are not pregnant, but still your periods get delayed.

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With thirty percent of women all around the world suffering from irregular periods, it cannot be something unusual. However, in this post we are going to discuss about the relationship between vitamin C and periods. It may seem farfetched, but they are closely associated with each other.

Vitamin C induces menstruation and it is evident from the decreasing number of women’s period problems after they changed their diet routine. Let us now see how these two are related and what are the positives and negatives of this relation.

Vitamin C to Induce Menstruation

Vitamin C and Menstruation

The association between menstruation and vitamin C is quite interesting. Menstruation is caused due to shredding of the uterus wall. Consumption of vitamin C decreases the progesterone level in uterus and this leads to complete breakdown of the uterus walls.

Moreover, at the time of menstruation the vitamin C also helps in relaxing the cervix to release the menstrual material. If you need a stronger source of vitamin C to induce menstruation within two or three days, consume natural herbs like pennyroyal, dong quai, parsley, yarrow and ginger. You can also get several vitamin C supplements in tablet form that will induce period at a faster rate.

Parsley is the most effective source of vitamin C among all the herbs that induces period in women. If pregnancy is not the reason for your delayed menstruation then this parsley can easily bring on a period in a very short time span. Just like tea drink parsley two to three times per day and you will definitely get the desired results within two days.

The volatile oils in parsley stimulate blood circulation in and around the reproductive structure of a female body and dilate the cervix to make the exit comfortable.



Vitamin C is not a toxic ingredient and is available in herbs which are devoid of any side effects. It is also extremely useful in inducing periods in women with irregular menstrual cycle. However, this effectiveness comes with a cost and hence this vitamin cannot recommend as a risk-free treatment.

A person subjected to heavy dosage of vitamin C can experience haemorrhage. People adopting daily dosage of vitamin C more than 500 mg may invite a number of side effects and problems like nausea, fatigue and kidney stones. Sickle-cell anaemic patients may not be able to metabolize the vitamin C they are consuming and women with weaker kidneys may be more prone to developing kidney stones.

Hence, it is recommended to consult the general physician or gynaecologist before indulging in this vitamin routineContinue parsley consumption for 5 days and if menstruation is not induced within this time period, combine it with dong quai instead of increasing the dosage. However, there are other factors related to menstruation like individual lifestyle, psychological condition, etc. Hence, guaranteed occurrence of period cannot be ensured.