Vitamin E For Acne Scars

When it comes to upholding your self-esteem, the acne problems can lead to devastating effects. The most irritating part of acne is the permanent scars. Acne can leave permanent scar marks on your face. Before you follow the recommendation of your friends, you should consult a dermatologist and select the ideal route of treatment for yourself.

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Pinching and squeezing may seem to be the most relieving treatment, but they can lead to further complications. However, vitamin E is considered as the best nutrient for your skin and worth a try, if you are thinking of self treatment apart from pinches. In this post, you will get to know about vitamin E, its benefits, revelation from past research and its usage in treatment of acne.

Vitamins E For Treating Acne Scars

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the essential nutrient that you must include in your daily diet and is found in natural foods like fruits and green leafy vegetables. It is an antioxidant, protecting the cells and tissues in your body from free radicals. There are several skin care creams and lotions containing vitamin E that you can apply topically on your skin.

Moreover, a topically applied vitamin E cream can also protect you from sunlight damages. For this reason, there are many effective over-the-counter skin care products available in the market for which you do not need a prescription from your general physician or dermatologist.

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Vitamin A is another antioxidant that helps in keeping your skin healthy and young, but too much of vitamin A in your body can be harmful. For this reason, you need to consume vitamin E to regulate the functioning of vitamin A and also render some benefits of its own. Vitamin E is readily absorbed by the fats in your body and stimulates vitamin A in your body to target the skin.

Topical treatment of retinol or vitamin A not only reduces the inflammation, but also softens the affected area and lessens the visibility of the acne scars. Deficiency in vitamin E causes dry skin and this may lead to acne breakouts. You should include these nutrients in your daily diet and revise your skin care routine before you end up inviting such complications.

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If the acne scars that are bothering you are caused due to hyper-pigmentation then treatments with topical methods may lead to desirable outcomes. These temporary scars are usually red or dark brown in colour. This will gradually disappear over time, but few people with the motive of speeding up the healing process apply vitamin E moisturizers.

The cream is not meant to fade the scar marks, but they believe it will keep the affected area on the skin hydrated and will make the spot less detectable. However, in 1999, a journal was published clearly stating that direct application of vitamin E creams can worsen the situation.


The acne scars on the skin are sometimes accompanied by depressions. It is impossible to treat such cases with vitamin E. You will need dermatological treatments like surgical removal followed by fillers, chemical peels and dermabrasion.


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