Vitamins And Anorexia


What makes anorexia such an alarming and worrying mental health disorder is the significant amount of long term and even permanent damage that it can inflict upon the long suffering body of the victim. In short, the human body is an exceptionally sophisticated and delicate thing, which relies upon a number of symbiotic chemical reactions to ensure that the body works properly as well as ensure that top results are achieved.


Anorexia will mean that the amount of calories that are ingested will be reduced, as the sufferer will purge the body of the food that they have eaten, or simply refuse to eat altogether. With limited amounts of calories, this in turn, means that the body will struggle to carry out the chemical reactions due to the fact that there is not enough energy available.

The following is an overview of some of the various nutrients and herbs that the sufferer can make use of in order to ensure that they get their life on track, and reverse some of the damage caused by the disease.

Nutrients and minerals which are beneficial for the management of anorexia

Vitamin C

Creatine is a mineral that is used by the body for the growth, development and repair of damaged and new muscle tissue, and usually, in a healthy person, there is no need at all to take additional supplements to augment the amounts taken. However, due to the overall impairment of the working order of the anorexic body, the anorexic will need to ensure that they significantly increase the amount of creatine they ingest in order to stave off the risk of muscle atrophy and to aid in the development of them once again.

Vitamin C supplements are also strongly recommended, as these will help to bolster the auto-immune system of the body which itself is responsible for wound healing, infection control and the recovery time from disease.

Please note that you should derive the majority of your vitamins and minerals from the food in your diet, as opposed to supplements. The reason for this is simple: the body will not be able to absorb the vitamins if it does not acquire some of the resources needed from organic sources (food).

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