7 Vitamins For Acne

The vitamins that are responsible for a healthy skin also render ultimate protection against acne. Though living in this new age the problems related to vitamin deficiency have reduced to a large extent, but when it comes to fighting against acne, you would certainly need something more than just RDA.


While choosing the appropriate vitamin tablets, it is quite a common mistake on the part of almost every consumer to select the one with several ingredients. It is always better to select the adequate amount of effective vitamins in a tablet, than an enormous amount of ineffective components.

Vitamins To Get Rid Of Acne

Vitamin A

The skin protective tissues require vitamin A to repair damages. Moreover, excessive sebum production that leads to acne problems are also reduced to a large extent due to increase in consumption of vitamin A in your diet. Apart from its repairing aids, it is also recognised as a powerful antioxidant eliminating the harmful toxins from your body.

Nowadays, several derivatives of this vitamin are used as prescribed medications. However, there are many side effects related to such treatments like blisters, bowel damage and many other serious complications. Vitamin A supplements should be avoided strictly if the patient is applying dry creams for her acne which might contain benzoyl peroxide or if she is pregnant.

vitamin a

Vitamin B Complex

When it comes to B vitamins, most of the nutrients are complementary to one another, but almost all of them are related to maintenance of skin health. Though vitamin B complex has no direct effect upon acne, but it indirectly helps in preventing the same through stress reduction. You must take proper precaution if you are consuming B complex vitamins to maintain your daily balanced diet. Most of these vitamins are quite useful, but if they are taken in high doses, they have the tendency to further worsen the skin problems.

vitamin b complex

Vitamin B1

It is an antioxidant as well as a metabolizing agent helping in proper digestion and absorption of vitamins. Acne problems will be completely obliterated through increased blood circulation, body toxin elimination and energy production through proper metabolism.

vitamin b1

Vitamin B2

Cleaning of the digestive tracts to prevent accumulation of bacterial waste and restoring the health of the mucous membranes are the sole responsibilities of the vitamin B2. In this way, it plays an important role in regeneration and growth of hair, nails and skin and prevention of acne.

vitamin b2

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Vitamin B3

Enhancing the rate of blood circulation, this vitamin helps in proper metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your body. It also controls the exchange of toxins across the skin cells and hence you should stick to moderate doses to prevent irritation.

vitamin b3

Vitamin B5

As far as acne reduction vitamins are concerned, vitamin B5 is the second best alternative to vitamin A. Ensuring that your adrenal glands are working properly, it neutralizes the hormonal imbalance which is considered to be the root of acne formation.

vitamin b5

Vitamin B6

It produces antibodies and metabolizes sugars, proteins and fatty acids to ensure a healthy immune system and avoid acne problems.

vitamin b6

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