4 Vitamins For Healthy Hair

As far as the maintenance of your impressive locks is concerned, the vitamins for your healthy hair are equally important as the ubiquitous proteins and minerals. The primary component of your hair is protein and you can certainly take care of your hairs by supplementing them with adequate protein.

Healthy Hair

In order to achieve the healthy glow, you should provide essential vitamins as nourishments besides the other nutrients. In this post, you will get to know about the four primary vitamins to keep your hairs healthy.

4 Essential Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Vitamin A

The free radicals in your blood can be harmful to your hair. Being an antioxidant vitamin A protects your hair from damages by eliminating such radicals. Your scalp produces natural oil for hair protection and the production process is boosted by this vitamin.The oil is necessary for keeping your hair glossy and moist. It also forms a layer upon your scalp as a protection against external damages and bacteria. Vitamin A has several additional benefits, but requires proper and adequate supplementing. Overdosing can cause hair loss and several other complications.

Vitamin A

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B is available in different forms and each of them has several benefits for hair. Niacin or vitamin B3 is known for its contribution to hair density enhancement, while the panthothenic acid or vitamin B5 is used to prevent greying of hair. The general health of your hair can be restored using vitamin B6 which helps in preventing excessive hair loss.

The riboflavin or vitamin B2 is regarded as one of the crucial hair nutrients or vitamins. Apart from its capacity to maintain the general hair health, the vitamin B2 helps in absorption of other vitamins in this group. When you are choosing the ideal hair supplement, make sure it contains vitamin B complex before making the purchase.

Vitamin B

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Vitamin C

If you are looking for a vitamin that has all-in-one benefits then vitamin C is the ideal nutrient for you. According to the researchers, if you maintain a proper dosage of this vitamin in your diet, you can easily prevent loss as well as discoloration of hair. The prime objective of vitamin C is to enhance the blood circulation and this helps in adequate supply of blood and oxygen to your scalp. Boosting all the metabolic processes simultaneously, the vitamin ensures healthy hair and scalp. While supplementing your body with vitamin C, make sure you remain within the recommended daily dosages. Excess vitamin will be discarded by your body through urination.

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Though many believe that vitamin E is solely meant for skin, but there are plenty of benefits related to the well-being of your hair as well. The overall health of your hair is maintained by this antioxidant, helping in eliminating the harmful free radicals.

It is certainly a safety measure to supplement your hair with vitamin E. Perfect health of your hair is restored through repair and production of hair cells. It helps in achieving a faster hair growth by avoiding split ends. It also maintains a healthy scalp by staving off dandruff.

Vitamin E

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