Warning Signs of Chronic Anemia

Millions of people suffer from anemia on a daily basis. In fact, it is the most common blood disorder in the world. There are many types of anemia that all affect the body in a different way. Chronic anemia is one of the worst. It is incurable and can be difficult to treat. Figuring out the cause of the chronic anemia is crucially important.


Chronic anemia occurs when there is an insufficient amount of healthy red blood cells. Without enough red blood cells, the body does not have enough oxygen for the organs to function properly. It is characterized by having symptoms for six months or more. The person may experience one symptom or many symptoms when this occurs. One of the most common symptoms of chronic anemia is fatigue. The organs will be working overtime to function which will cause the body to become weak and the energy to decrease. Sometimes a person will experience shortness of breath and reduced heart rate. Pale skin, cold hands and feet, jaundice and leg cramping are also symptoms that could be associated with chronic anemia.


There are many things that can cause chronic anemia. Chronic illnesses are one of the more common causes. Cancer, liver failure kidney disease, uterine polyps, hemorrhoids and ulcers are common ailments that can cause chronic anemia. If the illness effects the blood in any way then it could cause the red blood cell production to increase and therefore, the oxygen for the organs to decrease as well. If the illness effects the liver it will cause the anemia in another way. The liver is responsible for the destruction of harmful substances in the blood. If there is a large amount of dying or dead red blood cells in the blood then the liver will be working overtime to clean them out. A backup may occur and the blood will be unable to flow freely.


Inherited anemia is also a cause of chronic anemia. Hemolytic and sickle cell are versions of inherited anemia. Hemolytic occurs when there is a rapid destruction of red blood cells. Sickle cell is caused by misshapen red blood cells that die quickly and also cannot flow freely through the blood vessels. Both of these types of anemia can cause chronic symptoms.


There is no known cure for chronic anemia. There are however, different treatments that could provide relief. If it is caused by a chronic illness, the best thing to do is to treat the illness. No matter what the cause, taking an iron supplement could give some relief. Also, using oxygen supplementation will help provide the body with more oxygen. To reduce some symptoms, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics or pain medication. Figuring out what is causing the chronic anemia is the first step and using different treatments to get it under control should help you lead a symptoms free life.

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