5 Ways To Prevent Bladder Stones

What are bladder stones? What are the causes and symptoms of bladder stones? How to prevent bladder stones? Read the article below to get answers to all these questions.

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Bladder stones are formed when the urine is concentrated and the minerals like magnesium and calcium are crystallized in the bladder. The stones may be hard, soft, spiked, small or huge. A person may have one or more number of stones.

Causes Of Bladder Stones

Individuals with paralysis, spinal cord injury or any nervous damage may get bladder stones.  Since the nerves get damaged, the bladder does not become empty and the urine is stagnated. Bladder stones are also developed when the bladder, ureters or kidneys are inflamed. Men with prostate problem may also get bladder stones. Those who are paralyzed or have urinary problems place catheters in their bladder. When the catheters are infected, it irritates the bladder and causes stone formation.

Symptoms Of Bladder Stones

Symptoms include pain in lower abdomen and back, painful urination, fever, vomiting and release of blood along with urine.

Prevention Of Bladder Stones

Drink Ample Water

Drink water generously. This is a simple and effective method to prevent bladder stones. When fluid level in the kidney becomes low, concentration of crystallized stones becomes high. Urine concentration is diluted by water thereby preventing formation of stones. Consult your doctor for the appropriate amount of water you need to drink based on your age, health condition and work nature.

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Watch Your Diet

Eating healthy and balanced diet is recommended for preventing bladder stones. Eat food with high fiber and low fat contents. Include lot of whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits in five portions a day. Consume dairy products and fruits that contain natural sugars, so that your body get the necessary sugar. Citrus fruits, especially orange juice are more useful to prevent bladder stones.

Use salt and sugar sparingly as they accelerate the development of bladder stones. Not more than 6g(0.2 oz) of salt can be taken per day. Fatty and oily diets, affect kidneys and hinders the urination process. Avoid food items with additional sugar like carbonated drinks, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, ice creams, pastries and cakes.


Check For Prostate Problem

For men, enlarged prostate is the main reason for getting bladder stones. It is compulsory that men above the age of 50 should go for an annual checkup. Consult your doctor if you have any urinary problems. Prostate problem if diagnosed at an early state reduces the risk of stone formation.

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Take Cranberry And Water Melon Juice

Cranberry juice is capable of preventing bladder stones. Bladder stones are the indication of persistent urinary infections. Drink cranberry juice to discourage the growth of bacteria and microbes and its ability to get attached to bladder tissues. Eating or drinking water melon juice gives fruitful results.

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Try Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is an excellent drink to curb bladder stones. It dissolves the bladder stones. You can try different herbal teas like stone root, gravel root and hydrangea. The above techniques helps to prevent if not at least to reduce the chances of getting bladder stones.

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Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.