What a Recovering Anorexia Sufferer Should Eat

Anorexia is a terrible, tragic and fatal disorder if left unchecked and unchallenged, and countless numbers of females, who are otherwise attractive and extremely successful in their career or schoolwork, end up yet another addition to the mortality statistics of the disease.  Anorexia is a disease that some have argued is a direct consequence of the mass media and specifically, the overly-sexualised nature of celebrity life which is broadcasted on just about every single instrument of the media imaginable, be it the internet, magazines or the television.


Young, impressionable, emotionally vulnerable girls are routinely exposed to these unattainable ideals of physical perfection and then expected to adhere and aspire to them. Non conformance with this is to risk alienation from friends and family, and censure from their peers.

Anorexia will either involve the sufferer willfully ridding themselves of the food that they eat by inducing vomiting and excessive bowel/urinary movements, or through the refusal to eat food, which can take many forms such as chewing food but not actually swallowing it.

Given that the food we eat is the primary source of sustenance and fuel for our body as a whole, this means that if we do not get enough of it, then we jeopardize the overall health and wellbeing of our body. Therefore, a recovering anorexia sufferer will need to come to terms with altering their diet in order to compensate for the major lack of nutrients and calories.

The following is some food that the anorexia sufferer should consume to help the process.

Lean meat, such as turkey and chicken breasts are excellent additions to the diet of a recovering anorexic and the reason for this is that they provide them with plenty of protein and iron, as well as calories, but thankfully, are extremely low in saturated fats. This way, the recovering anorexic need not worry or feel guilty for eating such “indulgent” foods.

Lean meat

Eggs are another prime source of protein, and a great choice for a recovering anorexic is scrambled eggs served with orange juice and some wholegrain bread. This will ensure that they get a significant boost of vitamin c as well as protein to their ravaged body.


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