What Are Acne Spot Treatments?

Many people experience acne on a daily basis. Some people get a large outbreak of many different pimples. However, others have mild acne and only get a single pimple once in awhile. Using acne cleansers and acne creams is a great choice for those that have regular outbreaks, but for the single pimple, an acne spot treatment will give you the best results.

Acne spot treatments usually come in cream or gel form and target the individual pimple. It’s sole purpose is to get rid of the existing pimple, so it does not prevent acne from forming. Most acne spot treatments contain either benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulfur. Although these are the same medicines used in regular acne treatments, the percentage of medicine in the acne spot treatment is higher and therefore works faster. You should not use the spot treatment on a regular basis over your entire face. If you do it could cause excessive drying and other side effects.

Spot treatments are meant to work quickly and get rid of the occasional pimple as soon as possible. Some should be worn overnight, while others dry clear and can be worn during the day. The amount of acne medicine that the acne spot treatments contain helps dry out the existing pimple immediately. It will also reduce any inflammation or redness that has occurred due to the acne. Since they do not prevent acne from forming, the spot treatment will not stop it from coming back. There are also some spot treatments that contain a concealer to help hide the dreadful pimple.  These can be worn during the day and give you the acne treatment you need as well as the coverage you want. Just dab a small amount on the affected area and go on with your day.

Daily use. If you are only prone to the occasional pimple, then this is the right treatment choice for you. However, if you suffer from regular acne breakouts you should use an acne cleanser, cream or soap. Also, if you are taking a prescription strength acne medication, speak with your doctor before using an acne spot treatment to eliminate any reactions that may occur.

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