What Are Allergies?

What are allergies?

Allergies are an abnormal reaction from the immune system to a suspected harmful substance. The substance is mistaken as a danger to the body, and the immune system will try to attack the substance, but will actually cause health problems instead. If you have a sensitivity to the substance the problems could be more severe and lead to a reaction.

What causes allergies?

Allergies are caused by any potentially harmful substance entering the body. When the immune system detects it, it reacts and tries to fight it off.  The attack will cause symptoms to form that can range from mild to severe.

What are allergy symptoms?

Common allergy symptoms include congestion, itchy, red, watery eyes, swollen throat, sore throat, difficulty breathing, hives or rash. Different allergies will bring on different symptoms. If you touch the allergen and have a sensitivity to it, you are likely to get a rash or hives. If you inhale the allergen, congestion is inevitable. Food allergies often cause swollen throat and shortness of breath. More serious symptoms may also come from food allergies. These symptoms are referred to as anaphylaxis and include wheezing, difficulty swallowing, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, decreased blood pressure and shock.

What are allergy treatments?

There are many different forms of allergy treatments. Antihistamines, oral corticosteriods, nasal sprays, eye drops, decongestants and allergy shots are the different types of allergy treatments.  Each one is targeted for different symptoms.

What allergy treatment is the right one?

This depends on what type of symptoms you have. Everyone experiences different symptoms and needs different relief.  Some may get relief from one form of allergy treatment, others may need a few different options to get rid of the symptoms. Speak with your doctor about the allergy treatments and decide which suits your needs best.

What are allergy shots?

Allergy shots are a form of treatment that is prescribed to people with severe allergies. A small amount of the harmful allergen is injected into the skin. Since the allergen is already in your system, if you come in contact with it the immune system will recognize it and not try to fight it off. Over time you will build up a tolerance to the harmful allergen.

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