What Are Sinus Allergies and How to Get Rid of Them

Sinus Allergies

Hay fever and nasal allergies are the most common health conditions that go undiagnosed. People confuse the symptoms for a common cold and try to self-medicate. When these symptoms are not treated correctly, they can lead to sinus allergy complications and infections.

Sinus allergies can become extremely painful. The pressure spreads from the sinus cavity to the eyes and the head. Sometimes you will even feel the pain in your teeth, jaw and ears. It is an uncomfortable and painful situation that in many cases, leads to infection. Sinus allergies are caused by inhaling harmful allergens. The immune system attacks the suspected harmful substance but instead of getting rid of the allergen, it causes sinus allergy symptoms to arise. Some of these symptoms include itchy eyes, congestion, nasal cavity inflammation, headache, pain and pressure. You may also experience blurred vision if it is a severe reaction.


Getting treatment for sinus allergies is very important. You should take an antihistamine at the first sign of reaction. You can also take over-the-counter sinus medication, but should really treat the allergy symptoms immediately. Using a nasal spray will also help in healing the inflamed sinus cavity and reduce irritation. If treatment is not done, the sinus allergy symptoms will continue to get worse and cause more problems. You could end up with a sinus infection, swollen lymph nodes and even strep throat. The infection can spread through the body as well and lead to other serious health problems.

Green Tea

If you do not have medicine available to treat the sinus allergies, try using some helpful home remedies. Eating garlic will open the airways and sooth the inflamed sinus cavities. Lemon, honey and green tea also help reduce the sinus symptoms. If you experience blurred vision or headache go into a dark room and place an ice pack over your eyes and forehead. Doing so, will reduce inflammation and relieve some of the sinus pressure. Therefore, the symptoms will go away.

It is very important to stop sinus allergy symptoms right when you notice them. If not treated quickly and correctly it can lead to other problems. Knowing your options is important when dealing with sinus allergies.

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