What are some Causes of Heartburn?

Heartburn is an ailment that affects many people.  There are numerous factors that could be one of the causes of heartburn.  Figuring out which is the culprit of your symptoms can be quite a difficult task.  Once you can narrow it down, you can then begin to try remedies or eliminate what is causing it to find some relief.

Heartburn happens when the acids in your stomach that digest foods escape back into your esophagus, by means of the lower esophageal sphincter.  Think of it as a little door, the food is supposed to pass through this door on the way down to your stomach, where it will then begin the digestion process.  When this door becomes weakened, or enough pressure is created in your stomach, the reverse happens.  The little door opens and allows the partially digested food and acid to escape back up into your esophagus.  This is when you feel the burning and irritating pain known as heartburn, or acid reflux.

The foods you eat can be one of the causes of heartburn.  Foods that contain a high amount of acid, or spicy foods can irritate the stomach, increase the pressure and ultimately end up being on the list of things you avoid.  These are foods like oranges, tomatoes, certain juices like orange or grapefruit, and foods high in spice like curry dishes, spicy Chinese foods, even things like hot wings and chili dogs.

Stress is another of the common causes of heartburn.  If you experience a good amount of stress from your job or everyday life, you could find yourself suffering from acid reflux without the help of eating foods that cause it.

Excess weight or tight fitting clothing can push against your stomach causing the pressure to build up and resulting in a bout of heartburn.  This is why you see many people loosen that top button on their pants after eating a large meal.  Not only is there too much food in their stomach now, but there is also extra pressure being created by the clothing, almost restricting the amount of space in there.  This can have almost a volcanic effect, shooting acids up where they do not belong.

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