What are some treatment for arthritis options?

Arthritis is no longer the sole domain of the elderly, and now record numbers of Americans are afflicted with the condition, and this is a trend that is being replicated across the world in both the developed and developing nations. For some, the extent and severity of their arthritis is such that it does not have any sort of great impact or detriment on the quality of their life, and so they are able to continue working with a minimum of pain.

For others however, the issue of treatment for arthritis takes on an especially urgent nature, as it means that it will allow them to finally regain some control over their lives.

It should be noted that to date, all that exists is treatment for arthritis and so there is no actual cure for the disease. Furthermore, there is no real degree of universality between any type of treatment for arthritis and so what happens to be an effective and useful method for one sufferer, which brings them a great deal of relief may not be suitable or appropriate for another.

This article will consider one type of treatment for arthritis in more depth, and specifically, we will consider TJR or Total Joint Replacement therapy.

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What is TJR?

Total Joint Replacement is the term used to refer to a form of orthopaedic surgery whereby the arthritic and painful joints of the body are effectively excised from the body and replaced with prosthetic joints which are made from durable materials such as metal and plastic to replace the bone that has been surgically removed.

How effective is it as treatment for arthritis?

Joint Replacement Therapy has recieved a significant amount of praise from both the medical professionals involved in it, along with the patients who have been fortunate enough to undergo the treatment. However, it should be noted that results are mixed, and different joints have enjoyed varying degrees of success compared to others.  Specifically whilst finger, shoulder, knee and hip joints have been replaced with a very high standard of success with a minimum of complications and risks, ankle replacement on the other hand has been rather limited.

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