What Are the Acid Reflux Food Triggers?

Acid reflux is a disease that can lead to severe discomfort and pain. There are many treatment options available that can help reduce symptoms and also ease the pain and discomfort once they have started. However, preventing the symptoms from starting is the best way to avoid the uncomfortable situation completely. One of the best ways to avoid the symptoms is to make sure you are not eating acid reflux food triggers.

Food that you should not be eating if you suffer form acid reflux include fatty, fried, spicy and citrus food. Acid reflux food triggers are the leading culprits for acid reflux symptoms. Fatty and fried food are hard for the stomach to breakdown. Therefore, the stomach produces more acid when we eat them. The stomach acid has nowhere to go and flows into the esophagus. You will then experience the burning sensation and sour taste in mouth and even sometimes, regurgitation. Spicy and citrus are full of acid.  The acid in the food can react the same way our stomach acid does.  It can flow into the esophagus and lead to an acid reflux outbreak.

Acid reflux food triggers also include caffeine, chocolate and carbonated beverages. Caffeine and chocolate cause the lower esophageal sphincter to reduce in pressure.  When the valve relaxes, t makes it easier for stomach contents to flow into the esophagus.  This is why caffeine and chocolate are harmful for people that suffer from acid reflux.  Carbonated beverages build up gas in our stomach. The gas takes up a lot of room and pushes the stomach contents into the esophagus. The symptoms will immediately start and you will find yourself begging for relief.

Whole milk products, alcohol, tomato based foods and creamy dressings are also foods you should avoid if you get acid reflux symptoms. If you are prone to frequent acid reflux, you should try to avoid these food triggers completely. However, if your acid reflux symptoms are not very frequent, having an occasional chicken wing or cup of coffee may not cause any harm. You will just want to have some fast acting relief on hand for the symptoms that could come along with the food.

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