What Are the Most Common Allergies?

Allergies effect millions of people on a regular basis. There are some common allergies that more people get. These include milk, mold, ragweed, gluten, wheat, pollen and pets. You may experience a combination of these allergies, or you may just be sensitive to one.

Milk allergies is the most common food allergy. It is sometimes confused for lactose intolerance, but it is actually caused by an allergy to the milk protein. Milk proteins are found in all dairy products and if you are sensitive to this common allergen, you should avoid dairy products completely. This allergy is common among children and will usually be outgrown by the time they are three years old. However, some adults have the allergy as well.

Pollen is one of the most common allergies there is. It is usually referred to as hay fever and you will experience the symptoms mostly in the springtime. Pollen is an airborne substance that is easily inhaled. If you are sensitive to the allergen, then you are likely to experience some symptoms. These symptoms can include congestion, swollen, red, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing and sore throat. This common allergy can make your springtime miserable. Ragweed is another common allergy that contains pollen. It blooms towards the end of summer and into the fall. The ragweed pollen is airborne and effects you the same way that regular pollen does.

Pets are also very common allergies. Cats are the biggest culprit followed by dogs. They each have numerous forms of allergens which is why they are a common allergy. People can be allergic to one or more of their allergens. Some are transported through the fur and air, others are found on their saliva.

Gluten, wheat and mold are also common allergies. If you have a sensitivity to them, you will experience symptoms. Mold symptoms will be similar to seasonal allergies, but you may also experience abdominal pain.  Wheat and gluten symptoms will be similar to if you have a milk allergy, however they may not be as severe.  It is still important to avoid the allergen as much as possible.  Taking allergy medications and avoiding the harmful substance is the only way to protect yourself completely. If you experience allergies, but do not know the cause, it could be one of these common allergies.

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