What Are the Signs of Autism?

Autism has recently become a more commonly diagnosed disorder. This is due to knowing what autism signs to look for. There are many characteristics that determine whether or not a child has the disorder. Knowing what they are will help diagnose the disorder at a young age, and keep it under control.

There are many different autism signs to look for. The behavioral signs are very easy to notice. An autistic child will usually have some sort of routine or ritual. The child will be very organized and if the routine is changed in any way, the child will become very frustrated. Also, if a toy is out of place and the child becomes very upset and disturbed, it is a sign of autism. Another autism sign to look for would be repetitive motions. An autistic child commonly does some sort of repetitive movement. Hand flapping, rocking and spinning are the most common movements to look for.

There are also autism signs that you could look for within the child’s communication skills. If by the age of twelve months, the child has not made any type of communication this could be a sign of autism. Some children with autism do not speak until the age of two and have difficulty learning the language. The child may learn words and sentence structure, but may forget it after some time. An autistic child may also use words and phrases in an incorrect way because they do not know the correct meaning.

Social skills can be an great sign of autism. If the child does not socially interact well with others, they may have the disorder. Most of the social autism signs are easy to determine. The child may appear to not hear their name being called, or not listen when being spoken to. The child may also lack eye contact and also speak to others in a unique tone. An autistic child is more comfortable being “in their own world” and may frequently become aggressive and frustrated when put in social situations.

If autism disorder is diagnosed at a young age it makes it easier to control and treat. This will keep the symptoms at a minimum and allow the child to live a normal lifestyle. Knowing the autism signs is the first step in diagnosing the disorder.

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