What are the signs of Cardiac Arrest?

Cardiac arrest is a very serious and potentially deadly condition. Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart loses its ability to pump blood through out the body. Simply put, it is a condition in which the heart stops. Cardiac arrestcan occur for any number of reasons including, respiratory failure, heart attack, heart failure, a severe cardiac arrhythmia,drowning, blood loss that is severe, and diabetes. It is important to seek medical help immediately as a delay in treatment such as administering CPR, where the heart is stopped for 3 to 5 minutes, can result in death or permanent brain damage.

Signs and Symptoms of Cardiac Arrest

Signs of cardiac arrest can often happen fast and without warning. Because of the severity of cardiac arrest it is important to  seek medical attention immediately, at the first sign of potential cardiac arrest.  Some symptoms of cardiac arrest include, dizziness, loss of consciousness, no pulse, breathing stops, skin turning blue or white, and seizure. Furthermore, signs of a heart attack, such as pain in the right arm and chest should be reported to a medical practitioner or 911 immediately.

Treating Cardiac Arrest

CPR is the fastest and most efficient way to treat cardiac arrest. Keep in mind, CPR is a very precise procedure. If you are unsure of how to perform CPR, it is important to have someone near you call 911 and seek out someone who can do it properly. CPR done improperly can cause permanent damage. It is important to confirm that the person has no pulse before performing CPR. Once the persons pulse has returned, if you haven’t already called 911, transport the person to the nearest emergency facility, as cardiac arrest can recur.

Emergency treatment may also include defibrillation, which will help shock the heart back into its proper rhythm. If you believe that someone is suffering from cardiac arrest or is exhibiting signs of cardiac arrest, call 911 immediately. Delaying in proper medical treatment, even if only a few minutes, could result in death.

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