What Causes Each Type of Anemia?

What is anemia?

Anemia is a common blood disorder that millions of people suffer from. In fact, it is the most common blood disorder in the world. It is caused by a decreased amount of healthy red blood cells. Red blood cells carry an iron-rich substance known as hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is responsible for the transportation of oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues.

What causes anemia?

There are many different causes of anemia. Since there are different types of anemia, there are different causes.

What types of anemia are there?

Iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency, sickle cell, hemolytic and chronic disease are all different types of anemia.

What causes iron deficiency anemia?

Iron deficiency anemia is caused by a lack of iron. Without enough iron, the hemoglobin production will decrease. This will cause a reduced amount of oxygen to be transported throughout the body and cause the anemia symptoms to increase.

What causes vitamin deficiency anemia?

Hemoglobin not only needs iron to function properly, it also needs vitamin b-12 and folate. If you do not have a high enough level of these vitamins in your body you will start to notice symptoms. The hemoglobin will react in the same way that it does during iron deficiency anemia.

What causes sickle cell anemia?

Sickle cell anemia is a hereditary disease. It is caused by misshapen red blood cells that deteriorate quickly. The cells are sickle, or crescent, shaped and cannot flow easily though the blood cells. This can also cause difficulty for the oxygen traveling though the vessels.

What causes hemolytic anemia?

Hemolytic anemia is caused by hemolysis. Hemolysis is the rapid destruction of red blood cells. When this occurs, the body cannot produce healthy red blood cells fast enough to replace them. Without a sufficient amount of red blood cells, the body will lack oxygen to function properly.

What causes anemia of a chronic disease?

Anemia of a chronic disease is caused by an existing illness. Cancers, ulcers, kidney disease and hemorrhoids all fall into this category. The diseases will either effect the iron levels, hemoglobin production or red blood cell production and cause the anemia to arise.


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