What Causes Autism?

Autism is a common disorder that is diagnosed at a young age. It effects the neural development and affects the social and behavioral skills of the child. Autism has become more common in recent years and now one in every 110 births are diagnosed with autism.

The exact cause of autism is unknown. There are many factors that contribute to the disorder. In some cases, autism is a genetic disorder. The disease has been linked to some common genes found in those that are diagnosed. Some of the genes effect the behavioral brain cells and prevent them from forming correctly. Other genes effect the cell communication in the brain. Therefore, the brain does not work together and the child lacks developmental skills. Also, certain genes can determine if the child is more susceptible to the disorder and the severity of the symptoms.

Another possible autism cause is environmental factors. These have not yet been proven, but many people strongly believe it to be true. People feel that exposure to certain pollutants and viruses could cause a child to become autistic. This could very well be true, but until it is proven, it is not considered a real autism cause.

Many people also believe that immune deficiencies and food allergies could also be an autism cause. There has been some cases that are linked to either immune deficiencies or food allergies, but unfortunately it has not been determined if it is a possible cause. The same goes for certain vaccines. Many people swear that certain vaccines are the cause of autism, but it is not proven and there have been no known cases where this is true.

There are many possible autism causes that are controversial and unrealistic. Bad parenting, poor nutrition and vaccines are just some of the controversial topics. Although some of these may be common among autistic children, autism is an idiopathic disorder, meaning “without a cause”. So for right now scientists will try to determine common factors among all autism diagnoses and try to determine the exact cause of autism. If there even is a cause to be determined.

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