What Does Being Anorexic Mean?

Anorexia is a serious health condition. It is one of the most common eating disorders and affects millions of people in the world. People that are anorexic have both body and mind symptoms and suffer psychologically. Since anorexia can lead to other health conditions, it is important to know the signs, symptoms and treatment options.

There are a few ways to tell if a person is anorexic. The first would be noticing a sudden weight loss. Anorexia is characterized by severely limiting food intake and over-exercising. Diet pill abuse is also common among people that are anorexic. Other physical symptoms may include hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin and bluish tint to skin. Physical anorexia symptoms that occur internally cannot be detected by others. These include irregular heartbeat, low body temperature, low blood pressure, lack of menstruation and dehydration. Insomnia, dizziness and constipation are also common among symptoms for people that are anorexic.

Along with the physical symptoms there are also psychological symptoms. Depression is one of the most common psychological symptoms for people that are anorexic. It is also a common cause of anorexia. When a person is anorexic, they are never fully satisfied with the way they look. They view their self image differently then others and generally dislike it. Most anorexic people feel that they are too heavy when in reality they are too thin. Anxiety and poor self-esteem are also common psychological symptoms of anorexia.


Getting treatment is needed to prevent other health conditions from forming. Not only will an anorexic person need physical treatment, but psychological treatment is needed as well. For the physical symptoms, visiting a nutritionist is an excellent way to get treatment. The nutritionist will help teach healthy diet guidelines. Since most anorexic people are in starvation mode, it is important to slowly introduce foods into the diet. A nutritionist will be able to help with this. Seeking some form of counseling is also an excellent form of treatment. Whether it is group counseling, family counseling or one-on-one counseling, being able to talk about your insecurities is a great way to treat the disorder.

Since anorexia can become very severe it is important to stop is right away. Knowing what the signs and symptoms are will help diagnose it. Knowing what the treatment options are will help stop the problem quickly and prevent other problems from occurring.

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