What is an Egg Allergy?

What is an Egg Allergy

An egg allergy is classified as a type of food allergy. There are several different foods that can cause allergic reactions in people. Reactions can range from being mild to rather severe. In extremely rare cases death can result from a food allergy. What happens in the body is the protein from the egg is not acceptable by the body. In response the body’s immune system releases histamine because it thinks the egg protein is a disease and attempt to fight it off.

How common is an egg allergy?

An egg allergy is one of the more common and prevalent types of food allergies a person can get. Children have a more likely chance to be allergic to eggs than adults. Oftentimes as the body develops and changes with puberty, the egg allergy may go away. As we age our bodies go through many different changes and if you have food allergies, those can change as you age, too.

Egg Allergy In Child

What are symptoms of an egg allergy?

Symptoms can range in severity depending on the body’s intolerance to eggs. Sometimes the symptoms will show up almost immediately after eating eggs or can take several hours to develop. Immediate symptoms can include skin rash, hives, itching and tingling in the mouth, and swelling of areas that touched the eggs, including the tongue and throat. Other symptoms that may take longer to develop can include diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pains and cramping, dizziness and fainting. In several allergic reactions, a person may experience anaphylaxis shock, which if not treated immediately could result in death.


Diagnosis and Treatments for Egg Allergy

If you believe you have an allergy to eggs, your medical provider can run an allergy test using a sample of your blood. Once diagnosed the best prevention and treatment is to not eat any eggs or any foods that contain eggs. If you are prone to a more serious allergic reaction from eggs, it is wise to keep an epinephrine pen on your person at all times. You should also carry a medical alert card in your purse or wallet, letting people know you have an egg allergy should you faint.

Not Eat Any Egg Food

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