What is Decompression Sickness?

Decompression sickness is often referred to as the “bends.” Decompression sicknessis a painful and sometimes fatal condition that is brought on by the sudden drop of pressure within the environment. What happens is the nitrogen within the blood will produce bubbles with the sudden drop of pressure. These bubbles collect within the blood vessels and prevent adequate circulation of the blood and oxygen throughout the body. Decompression sickness is most often experienced by scuba divers as they quickly rise to the surface of the water from lower depths.

Symptoms of Decompression Illness

Symptoms of decompression sickness may appear anywhere from immediately after the incident until 24 hours after the incident. Symptoms of decompression sicknessvary from person to person, but generally include chest pain, burning sensations located behind the breast bone. One may also experience a shortness of breath, severe breathing difficulty leading to choking, coughing and weakness. In severe cases of decompression illness, one may experience paralysis, deafness,blindness, loss of consciousness, and in rare cases, a coma.

Treatment for Decompression Sickness

Sometimes, the severity of the symptoms that are experienced by patients with decompression sickness, getting medical help is near impossible. If you notice that someone is suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, call 911 immediately. Failure to ensure recipet of prompt medical treatment could result is potentially life threatening complications.

The main form of treatment for someone suffereing from decompression sickness is to be placed in a decompression chamber. By doing this, it allows the nitrogen bubbles to dissolve. People with a delayed onset of symptoms can still get effective treatment up to 6 days after change in environment pressure. However, prompt medical treatment is important, as up to 25% of people will relapse if they do not recieve extended medical help.

Symptoms of Decompression Illness

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