What is Depression In Children

Depression In Children

Depression in children is a mood disorder that causes adolescents and children to feel sad or irritable for a long period of time. A child who is depressed may no longer enjoy school or spending time with friends. Other symptoms, such as a lack of energy is also prevalent with depression in children.

Depression in children can last a long period of time and often has a cyclic evolution, meaning there may be periods of a depressed state followed by a period of time without symptoms. Chronic depression, including a mild form called dysthymia, occurs  when a child feels down or defeated for long periods of time. Usually a period of a year or more. Both mild and severe forms of depression in children can be treated with medication and therapy if needed.


While not often talked about, children can have serious forms of depression that can greatly interfere with the quality of life and require treatment. However, it is important to keep in mind that symptoms of depression in children can often be hard to recognize. In children, symptoms can range from abdominal pain to boredom and be confused with symptoms for other ailments. Because of this, children often do not receive proper treatment for depression. Often times, variations of mood and emotional changes that are caused by depression can go unnoticed or are attributed to normal growth.


It is important to not brush off any suspected symptoms of depression in children. Depression can be successfully controlled if the proper help is sought. Treatment for depression in children ranges from therapy to medication. In the most severe cases, a child may need to be hospitalized.

If you are concerned about signs of depression in your child, please consult your child’s doctor to determine what the best course of actions should be.

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