What is Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is a very painful condition that develops in the hip joint. Over time, the cartilage, which works as a smoothing agent for the hip bone, starts to erode. When erosion occurs, the bones will rub together, causing a lot of pain.

hip arthritis

Many people over the age of 50 experience this condition. Hip arthritis, or hip osteoarthrits, is a condition that develops over time. The less cartilage there is in the hip joint, the more pain the person will experience. The pain develops when the hip bones rub together and cause friction.  A person commonly experiences pain when they wake up. This pain can be felt in in the flank, in the front of the pelvis, and can even be felt radiating down the leg. Cold weather may worsen the pain of hip arthritis. A hip labral tear can also cause a person to have hip arthritis.

Many factors contribute to the development of hip arthritis. Age is the the most common factor, and is common in people over 50 years of age. Obesity causes tremendous pressure on the joints, resulting in the condition. The extra weight causes the friction to increase and the erosion process moves more quickly. A person having legs of different lengths can lead to hip arthritis. A previous injury or trauma to the hip can also be a contributing factor. Weak muscles in the core or glutes can lead to hip arthritis because it can cause a person to exert pressure on the joints.


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There are several ways to treat hip arthritis. The most important one is exercise and being very active. Activity decreases the stiffness in the joints. Since the stiffness is what causes the joint to be painful, any reduction of this can prevent the arthritis from forming. Keeping active and strong also helps to ease the pressure, which if you already have the arthritis can reduce the pain significantly. Massage also helps in pain management. Weight loss and and an exercise regimen are effective as well. Anti-inflammatory drugs alleviate symptoms as does hydrotherapy, ice and heat treatments. Wearing good solid shoes has been known to help ease the pain.


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