What is Mild Autism?

There are many levels of autism spectrum disorder. The most common is mild autism which may also be referred to as high-functioning autism or asperger’s syndrome. Mild autism has the least amount of symptoms and is easily managed.

People with mild autism have many of the same symptoms as those with more complex autism. They will lack social and communication skills. However, they can sometimes overlook their downfalls and deal with some small social gatherings. Mild autism symptoms also include delayed motor skills. Mild autism people still have some communication skills that lack. They tend to speak in monotone and use figure of speeches literally. They may also use a more formal type of speaking. They have decreased emotion and rarely make big facial gestures. However, people with mild autism will show more emotion than those with stronger symptoms.

Having a routine is a very common symptom of those with mild autism. They will have a daily routine that they really want to stick with. However, if the routine is disrupted or changed once in awhile, they may become slightly frustrated, but not severely. Mild autistic people also have an obsessive characteristic. They may find a topic or object that they enjoy and become overly obsessed with it. They will learn everything there is to know about it and become an expert. Intellect is one of the strong points of mild autism. A person with mild autism is likely to have a lot of knowledge and logic and may even have a high IQ. Mild autistic people have a cognitive and logical form of thinking and tend to remember facts and statistics.

Having a mild form of autism is basically having light symptoms and living a normal life. A person with mild autism may have some social and communication skills and may also lack in the emotional aspect of life. However, they will be very intellectual and highly functioning. Mild autism is very common and easily manageable. There are certain treatments that can help reduce the symptoms and taking medication can help a person with mild autism deal with social interaction.

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