What is the Best Acne Solution?

Acne is a common problem for millions of people. In fact, it is the most common skin problem in the world. Some people are more susceptible to the disorder, but anyone can get it. Knowing which acne solutions can help you prevent and get rid of the acne is important to know.

There are many types of acne solutions available. There are topical creams, cleansers, pills and lotions. Which acne solution you should use depends on the severity of your acne. One of the most common forms of acne solution is an over-the-counter cream or cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide. The benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and unclogs the pores. The creams and cleansers may also contain salicylic acid or sulfur. These acne solutions treat the acne in a different way. They shed the dead skin cells and reduce the amount of sebum. Therefore, the pores are less likely to become clogged. When using this type of acne solution you may experience a few mild side effects including red, dry, itchy skin, rash or burning.

There are other over-the-counter acne solutions that contain alcohol and acetone. These two usually are found in the same product and work hand-in-hand. The alcohol works by killing the bacteria that causes the acne. The acetone reduces the amount of sebum that is produced. Both are excellent acne solutions.

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For severe acne you may need a different type of treatment. Topical retinoid creams is a commonly prescribed acne solution that targets severe acne. It works by rapidly exfoliating the skin and therefore eliminating dead skin cells. It also reduces inflammation and dries up the excess sebum.

Since there are many different acne solutions, knowing what each one does is beneficial to treating your acne. If you have mild to moderate acne, an over-the-counter acne solution may help you get rid of it for good. However, if your acne is severe you will most likely need your doctor to prescribe you a stronger acne solution for best results. Either way, getting some type of treatment will help you treat and prevent the acne. So figure out which acne solution best suits your needs and be on your way to an acne free life.

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