What Is The Cure For Sickle Cell Anemia ?

Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle cell is an inherited form of anemia that is caused by misshapen red blood cells. These cells rapidly destruct. The production of healthy red blood cells cannot keep up with the destruction of the sickle cells and therefore, there is an insufficient amount of healthy cells. The red blood cells are vital for healthy body functions because they transport oxygen to the body’s organs.

Sickle cell also becomes a serious problem because the sickle, or crescent, shape of the cell cannot flow freely though the blood vessels. This can cause a blockage of deteriorating cells to form in the blood vessels and the blood and healthy cells will not be able to flow. In order to prevent other health problems from forming it is important to get some form of sickle cell anemia treatment as soon as possible.

Oxygen supplements

There are a few different forms of sickle cell anemia treatment. Oxygen supplements are commonly used to treat sickle cell anemia. An oxygen mask is the most common form used. It will provide the body with the oxygen it needs to function properly. It can also help produce more healthy red blood cells. In some cases, the disorder can cause a person to lose blood. For sickle cell anemia treatment that is related to blood loss, a blood transfusion may be needed. Doctors try to use this as a last case scenario, but for severe symptoms it is needed. The blood transfusion will replace the lost blood and also give the body a large amount of healthy red blood cells.


Sometimes, you will need to treat the sickle cell anemia symptoms individually. This is usually done through medications. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to people with sickle cell anemia because they are prone to infections. The antibiotics will help fight off the infection and prevent any other problems from occurring. Pain medication may also be used as a form of sickle cell anemia treatment. Many people that suffer from the disorder experience excruciating episodes of pain. The medication will help reduce the pain and give some form of comfort.

bone marrow transplant

Although there is no real cure for sickle cell anemia a bone marrow transplant is the form of treatment that can get rid of most of the symptoms. It is only to be used in severe cases and can sometimes be difficult to do. You would need a perfect match and have a difficult procedure done, but the results will be very good.

There are many sickle cell anemia treatments, but there is no real cure. So, having different options to treat the symptoms is beneficial to those that suffer from the disorder. It is important to diagnose the problem early on so that you can start treatment and live happily and healthy.

What Is The Cure For Sickle Cell Anemia

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