What To Eat For Anorexia

There is a tendency among the general public as a whole, to regard and perceive the mental health disorder of anorexia nervosa as being a disease that will always result in the untimely and tragic death of the victim. There can be no denying that anorexia does happen to have one of the highest rates of mortality of all the mental health disorders that are currently recognised by the American Psychiatrist Association, and if the condition is not treated quickly or readily, then the victim will suffer serious consequences as a result.

However, anorexia is very strictly defined as the mental health disorder whereby a person will suffer from a lack or loss of appetite (which may or may not be absolute and total), and where that loss of appetite is a direct and causal result of their fear of acquiring additional weight, and where sufferer of the anorexia continues to do so, even when they are fully aware that they are placing their health at risk.

One of the most immediate consequences of anorexia is that the stomach will actually come to accept the ever decreasing amounts of food that is entering into it,  although the truth of the matter is that the sufferer will suffer a myriad of digestive problems and complaints as a result of this ranging from irritable bowel, constipation and stomach cramps.

In order to alleviate these gastrointestinal complaints, the following supplements can be used:

  1. Pineapple juice is widely accepted as being especially useful in stimulating appetite (thereby allowing the body to actually outweigh the restrictions that the mind imposes upon it) as well as being an excellent method of encouraging and stimulating the digestive process.
  2. To more readily deal with the constipation that so often arises by virtue of the anorexia, the sufferer should increase the amount of both ginger and garlic in their diet.
  3. As a direct consequence of the lack of food in the stomach, this means that there will be a sharp increase in the level of stomach produced. To counter this, the anorexia sufferer should increase their consumption of almonds.

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