What You Should Know About Anorexia

Anorexia is a mental health condition that seems to be woefully misunderstood by the general public at large, and this is plainly evidenced by virtue of the fact that people tend to regard it as simply a single disorder. In reality, anorexia can be divided into two broad categories which are listed as follows:

restricting anorexia: With this type of anorexia, the sufferer will attempt to control and lose weight by means of severely restricting the quantity of calories they consume on a daily basis and oftentimes, will also rely upon excessively intense and frequent exercising sessions to accelerate the process somewhat.

purging anorexia: With this type of anorexia, the sufferer will actively seek to lose weight by means of self-induced vomiting and the excessive consumption of both laxatives as well as diuretics in order to facilitate the excretion of food from the body.

The following is intended as an overview of some of the nutrients and vitamins that a person can consume so as to alleviate and better cope with the symptoms of purging anorexia.

What are the effects/symptoms of purging anorexia?

Whenever a person engages in purging anorexia this means that they will upset the natural balance of their digestive system and so this means that they will suffer from nausea, constipation and difficulty urinating not to mention headaches and stomach cramps as a consequence.

By increasing the consumption of fiber in the diet, the purging anorexia sufferer will be able to allow their body to purge itself in a fully organic and natural manner, rather than a contrived way.

Increased consumption of vitamin C is also strongly recommended for the person suffering from purging anorexia, as their body will suffer from an impairment of the functionality of the immune system due to the lack of food and nutrients within it.

An increase in the consumption of calcium, such as milk and dairy products is also recommended in order to help reverse some of the damage that the excessive vomiting will cause to the teeth in the mouth, as they become eroded and damaged by virtue of the stomach acid.

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